Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth Announced

Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth has been announced for Xbox 360 with Kinect and Wii U.

Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth features 20 different characters, including Avengers such as Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor, as well as other heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe.


Now I know what you are thinking, ‘Didn’t TC write an article about how Avengers was not coming to consoles?’ and the answer is yes, I did, it’s here.

I wrote that because Forbes suggested that Facebook developer Playdom would be creating the game and Disney Interactive would be publishing.

Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth is being created and published by Ubisoft.

Either Forbes was wildly speculating or there will be two Avengers games out this Autumn.



  1. i got excited for a second, then i saw “kinect” and my heart sank.

    still i recently got the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 game, that’ll give me my Avenger fix for a while.

    i’ve done the anti registration playthrough, now i have to do the pro.
    i wanna see what Ms Marvel’s second costume is like.

  2. Well that just rained on my parade. Kinect and Wii U only? Bah.

  3. No PS3 love then??

    • You can love your PS3 if you want, just be careful not to get your thing stuck in the disc slot

      • I prefer either the USB ports or the ethernet. More wiggle room!

  4. Shame it’s not coming to PS3, even while I was watching the film, I thought to myself they could make an awesome game out of this.

    • Yeah, like the fantastic four game… But good.

    • try the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 game, that’s probably as close as you’ll get to an Avengers game on ps3 for a while.

      it follows the civil war storyline, though as far as i can tell, they leave out the bit where spidey reveals his identity to the world and then does a deal with the devil, literally, to undo it.

      that’s a bit of a sticking point for many comic book fans.
      seriously, go into a comic shop and ask about one more day.
      and see if you can make it out alive. ^_^

  5. Yeah, real shame that there is not going to be a ps3 release. Oh well.

  6. Oh my god! A Wii U game… Also why no PS3? it has Move.

  7. Bastard.

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