PS3 To Get Olympic Sports Video App

Sony Bravia TVs, Blu-ray players and PlayStations are to get an Olympic TV app.

Twenty four channels of high definition sports coverage will be available through the app and, after the Olympics, it will be used for major sports events that were previously covered on the ‘red button’.


The app will also feature catch-up TV from the coverage and will initially launch on the company’s Bravia televisions in time for Wimbledon at the end of June.

PlayStation already has the BBC iPlayer catch-up TV app so I imagine it would not be too hard to butcher that into a sports-focussed application.

Source: Engadget



  1. Couldn’t care less about the Olympics, can’t wait until it’s over.

    Glad to see the Beeb utilising the PS3 though, wonder if 360’s will also get the app, they’re getting iPlayer soon aren’t they?

    • Totally agree, can’t wait for it to be over.
      Luckily, I’m going on holiday around that time so I’ll get to miss a huge chunk of it :)

      • Lucky bugger, I’ll be stuck at home, everything will be ten times more expensive, the tube will be packed, the roads will be packed, it’s going to be so annoying.

    • Same here, but it’ll be good to know it’s there for other sporting events in the future.

    • Yup, the amount of retarded and shameful things that surround it, not to mention it’s cost makes the Olympics lose any meaning it might have had. It’s just some corporate pimp >:l

    • 360 already have the iplayer whether they get this is another thing. It took 3 years to get iplayer and olympics out in 2 months so maybe in time for 2016 olympics? :D

      • What a bunch of miserable sods you lot are, it might be a big corporate advertising platform but it’s also unlikely to happen in our country again in our lifetime. Competing at the Olympics is the absolute pinnacle of achievement for some of the world’s finest sportspeople. I for one am all for the London Olympics and am looking forward to watching, even of it probably won’t be on my ps3.

  2. This is pretty awesome! I’ll be away at the time though so will have to rely on normal coverage… :(

    • Mind you, I’ll be with a certain welsh girl I met on holiday last year so… don’t think I’ll mind too much!

      • Yay my first like!

      • Can I like the like? I’m going to, I don’t care!

        As well as the like button we also need a dislike button for when stupid people say stupid things.

  3. I guess i’ll use it if it’s there

  4. It’s unavoidable now. But at least when it’s over we should get F1 and Football highlights through it.

  5. Sky bring it to Irish ps3, go on…go on…go on…go on!

    • There are Irish PS3s? What will they think of next. :)

    • I would expect Rte to have the broadcasting rights for Ireland, but sadly i don’t expect rtePlayer on PS3 to have the same amount of coverage as the bbcPlayer.

      • Worth a try though. Nothing can be worse than the UK’s ITV Player.

    • Pee Ess Tree?

  6. This will make my wife happy!

  7. Lucky Brits! So tired of the danish channels never does something like that, or Eurosport, they should have the market for it.

  8. hopefully, after the olympics, they can use that for some of those women’s sports they never adequately cover.

    like the world cup last year, that according to that guy who does the sport on the bbc morning program, isn’t a major sporting event.

    anyway, BBC do some decent coverage of sporting events on the red button so i can see me getting some use out of this.

    especially as, somehow, my tv is prone to crashing when i use the interactive features.

    • Womens sports? There is already too many cookery shows on the TV ;)

  9. I’m guessing they’ll be screwing over most Bravia owners like they are doing with Netflix and only bring this to the very latest models.

    • If your Bravia has the BBC News app then this will work.

  10. Apparently 2011 models onwards, mine should be covered by that :)

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