Uncharted: Golden Abyss Patch Fixes Silly “Offline” Mode Thing

Deeply distressed that every time you played Uncharted: Golden Abyss on the PlayStation Vita it signed you out of the PSN?


Bend’s got you covered, then, because a patch issued today fixes the silly decision (which was apparently a power saving thing) to log you out, and you’ll remain connected during gameplay.

Other fixes involve tweaks to the Black Market and some difficulty tuning for Crushing mode.

Get the patch now. And then hope Gravity Rush gets a similar one, because it does the same…



  1. Ok so I have just beaten crushing mode after nearly crying over chapters 11 and 26 and now they tweak it. I hope they make it harder mwah ha ha ha. The whole wifi connection issue being resolved is good though.

  2. I suspect this is for the usual “The Network Features have been disabled” message.

  3. good news for people who have this. Oh and thumbs up stuff on the comments, nice one TSA.

  4. Great, so I 100% Escape Plan, then they make it easier. Then I Platinum Golden Abyss, and they tune Crushing mode and tweat Black Market after loads of Bounty grinding. *throws toys from pram*

    • Don’t u just feel cheated on twice now, escape plan then UCGA it’s like they saying lets screw Youles :D

      • You wait, the day after I Pass the 210th online Wipeout 2048 race, they’ll scrap requirements or halve the amount required ;)

    • I’m in the same boat with those two games. We can feel a little more proud about our pre-patch platinum/100% though :)

      • I suppose :O

        Regarding your comment below – the fights were bloodying annoying weren’t they! I’d make the right touch-screen gesture, yet it would go Red and I’d have to do the whole thing again – very poor end to an otherwise awesome game!

      • So I guess I am really lucky then?

      • It seems so! :O

  5. That’s good, still have to get it for my Vita.

    Not to be a pain, but can we get reply options for the mobile TSA? It’s a little hard to follow atm, sometimes.

  6. Been looking over the interwebs for a lowdown on what the update involves! Looks lovely jubbly to me.

    Having completed Hard mode last night and collected all treasures, I haven’t started Crushing yet. Would like to know what exactly the tweaks were it.

    • My bet is on tweaking of the very frustrating chase in chapter 11 and the gesture based fights towards the end where you need ligtning fast reflexes on crushing.

      • Chapter 11 was ridiculous. It took no skill and was pure luck. You either got hit a lot by bullets or you didn’t. The final boss fights were tough too. I got to the very last swipe on the final boss and messed it up because it’s different on crushing. It then took about 20 more tries to get there again and boy was I ready for that last swipe.

  7. Great news! Now whatever happened to that multiplayer mode?

  8. Hopefully the Black Market works now. Not had a bean from it, and have given up grinding for the bounties.

  9. Seriously, what’s the big deal. It signed you out of PSN to save power. It’s not exactly “silly”. I like power saving options. I don’t need to be signed into PSN to play Uncharted. This seems like a bunch of people whinging for no reason and Bend succumbing to it. Congrats guys, now you can’t play your Vita for as well. Go Team!

    • Or you could just sign out manually, and have a choice of whether or not to sign in.
      I personally won’t, but on the off chance I actually want to be social while gaming (fat chance, but hey, it could happen) now I can.

      Plus, this means Skype calls can be received now.

  10. Cracking news. Cracking game ^_^

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