Community Round-Up: 12/05/12

Well now, Gazza’s got some exams and currently has blanked out from all the stress. So, while he’s running around with pants on his head, it’s fallen to me to do the Round-Ups again.

It’s surprisingly tricky to construct a sentence whilst watching Have I Got News For You.

No competitions, this week, but next week… Well, just keep an eye out! So, heading straight on to the meets this week, we’ve got a whole host of the usuals and some extra variety thrown in for good measure.

Tonight, there’s the weekly Uncharted 3 meet, starting at 7PM. Not only that, but there’s also a Burnout Paradise at 7PM tonight, the perfect opportunity to grab that Wildcats Stadium trophy if eight people attend and follow instructions.

Sunday sees the regular Dirt 3 meet at 6PM, with a fresh, new, sprightly and thoroughly spaced out game, Starhawk following it at 9pm. Best to get in some early games before the hardcore fans get too good.

Monday’s a bit hectic, with the GT5 meet and the fresh Awesomenauts meet both having entries. It’ll be (SSX) tricky to pick what to play, won’t it? SSX is on at 8PM too! [I’d like to apologise for the forced nature of that awful segue – Ed]

Tuesday sees the midweek Dirt 3 meet, but that’s far from the end of the meets this week. There’s the regular Wipeout 2048 and Battlefield 3 meets amongst others with spots yet to be created, so keep an eye out.

Heck, you can even make your own meets, if you’ve got more than 250 TSA points!

Quite a few articles this week, but first the reviews. Prototype 2 got a going over by Gamoc, who found it good but a bit too similar to the original, and also built some stuff in Minecraft for Xbox 360 for a rather high scoring review. Dan Lee then took a look at the Single Player component of Starhawk, one of the most anticipated titles of the year in some corners, before rolling around with MUD: FIM Motocross World Championship.

Next up was Alex, who reviewed the rather individualistic looking Datura, and finally Jim had some rather good things to say about Awesomenauts, the DOTA style title released last week. Finally, whilst not a review, Blair took a first look at the Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC.

Over in the blue corner, Alex rips Sony a pair of new ones over the double whammy of a somewhat disappointing PixelJunk sale for non-PS+ members in the EU, and the mislabelled confusion that spreads from the Ridge Racer Vita DLC. The ever Watchful Greg also took a long hard look at some numbers (as he usually does), this time on the topic of Sony’s record losses over the past year.

The green corner sees Kris have a look at Microsoft’s approach to non-gaming media on the 360, and Peter reported on the news of Microsoft axing their UK Inside Xbox staff. Tuffcub continues the analysis, with a lovely pair of example scenarios on the topic of Launch Day DLC. Aran’s interview with Neon Play, the iOS developer, rounds out this week’s quite large bunch of irregulars.

The regulars were as follows: WeView’s Verdict for Battlefield 3 came in, with the new title up for debate is Brink. What We Played turns one year old with #52, with the slightly older Podcast also getting its weekly entry. We Meet Burgess_101 this week, and Death in Flamez has another appearance on the Guest Writer’s soapbox, on the topic of Annual Releases.

Finally, last week’s Sunday Thoughts were on the topic of Pre-E3 Announcements, which nicely links in with the 4th annual E3 Bingo!

Over in the forums this week, we have some interesting threads cropping up:

There’s plenty more besides, so have a look! Just remember to sign in to view General Chat.

Last week, Faith kicked Steve’s bottom down into a pit of his own creation with an overwhelming 9-1 victory! So who should she face off against this week? How about a little girl on girl fighting?



  • Brilliant at parkour, making her a perfect Runner.
  • An expert in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Can run so fast she can’t be hit by bullets. She’s like a real world Sonic.


  • When she’s NOT running fast enough, those bullets hurt.
  • Falls off buildings far too regularly.
  • Being an outlaw is cool and all, but boy is it a hard life! Treachery, deceit, man hunts, S.W.A.T. teams… Oh so very stressful. Her blood pressure must be through the roof!

Lt. Kai Tana


  • Lead Test Pilot on an experimental future prototype space ship. That’s pretty cool.
  • Her ship has got everything on it, from Ladar (Laser Radar, she informs me), to a Quarp Drive that lets her teleport her ship all over the shop.
  • Expert navigator, making her way through and rescuing survivors from increasingly complex locations, in a “who came up with these blueprints?!” kind of way!


  • Always hanging around on Twitter… Several hundred years in the past. She seems pretty lonely.
  • One girl versus a big black hole and an alien incursion… Those are some pretty long odds!
  • If you’ve not got PS+, you probably don’t know how awesome she is… Yet…

Could be an interesting one this week.

No gazza this week, this was all written by me! I’m so talented.



  1. I’ve got PS+ and still don’t know who she is! Faith gets the vote due to that :P

    That was the last FailCast ever so take a listen if you have time, it isnt actually that bad.

    Quite a lot of reviews. Yet to check out the MUD article.

    • She’s the pilot in the game Velocity. I should have made that a bit more obvious…

  2. I hardly ever read these, and I did today, and my Burnout meet got a mention.
    cheers bud ^^’

    • Me neither, I started last week and got a mention too! Our virtual ears must be burning.

      Oh and my votes for Faith again. She’s just the queen bitch.

      • I’ve been using extended brainwashing and voodoo techniques to bring this together.

  3. Make sure you guys do check out my thread :) Much appreciated!

    Lt. Kai Tana for me

  4. The link for Symposium’s thread is taking me to Death_In_Flamez’ thread instead.. ah , here it is..

  5. Can we redo We View Battlefield 3 and tell everyone to avoid it?

  6. Whats this? i like button for the comments now? has that been there a while or am i just noticing this now.

    • Yeah, we’ve had them for ages! …Just kidding, they appeared yesterday.

  7. I’m going with faith as I would not like to be on the receiving end of a kick to the face.

  8. Faith get’s my vote!

  9. So that is why Gaz was running around earlier. I thought he had accessed my expermental pills that i’ve been working on. ;) Also, who wrote a contract for his soul on his forehead whilst he was asleep? Okay, i admit it, it was me.

    The LT would win as Faith can’t outrun a spaceship.

  10. Faith is getting my vote!
    and a competition starting tomorrow!? hmmmmmm interesting…
    *strokes beard* hey! where’s my beard!!??

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