Rumour: Next Xbox To Be Called “Xbox 8”, Or “Infinity”

Despite this rumour first surfacing back in February, the same site has re-issued the rumour as part of another article, so they at least seem pretty confident.

It’s all a little bit lost in the noise, but it appears that ThisIsXbox are going on record to say that the next Xbox will be called “Xbox 8”, according to “an employee for a well known combined Publisher and Developer.”

The source says that the “8” is due to fitting in with Windows 8 and – of course – it being the 8th generation of consoles.

Apparently a version of Battlefield was shown on development hardware behind closed doors at CES this year, and it’s on par with modern PCs.

The same stories also mention Loop and Infinity, both – they believe – to be linked to services within the new Xbox, with Infinity being a replacement name for Live. Loop is apparently something to do with backwards compatibility.

Of course, a sideways ‘8’ looks close enough to an infinity symbol…

We’ll see soon enough.



  1. Ooooooh…I don’t care. If a minor graphical improvement is all they’re offering, I’ll stick with my PS3/360 combo. 1080p you say? Maybe. 60fps you say?! Maybe.

  2. Booooooo! Nextbox.

  3. Xbox 8? I get the concept of “infinity” and all, but… Xbox 8?! Ugh… Not my thing.

  4. Were there 5 Xboxes I missed while without internet for two days?? ;P

    • Probably just an indicator of how many units people will need to get through before finding one that works… ;-)

    • Huh? Did you miss 358 the first time too?

  5. Even though they gave reasoning for “Xbox 8” it still sounds completely stupid.

    • Agreed. Either 540, 720 or something completely different would be miles better.

    • They said the same for “360” and look where we are now

  6. Thank god they didnt call it the 720 like so many people keep suggesting.

    • I don’t really like the name Xbox 8 but it is so much better than 720.

  7. If they end up calling it “Xbox 8”, then that’s false advertising IMO. Casual players would be thinking that there’s been 7 iterations before it, so the 8th one must surely be über awesome and never break…

    • It’s not false advertising at all, but I know what you mean. Those people are fickle so there isn’t much you can do for them anyway.
      Oh and it def is not false advertising in a legal sense. If it was, the 360 would have been subject to that law too.

  8. Hmm, not too sure about that.

  9. “and it’s on par with modern PCs”.

    That’s a little general. I wonder what constitutes a “modern PC” for them.

    You could stick a GPU that’s a couple of generations old and still class it as a “modern PC”.

    • If we were being particular about this, it could mean any GPU post world-war one.

      • Because ‘modern’ constitutes that meaning, whereas ‘contemporary’ is now.

    • There’s new GPUs that are shit, modern just means they’re made not that long ago; it doesn’t have to be a performance class GPU they make budget ones too remember

  10. This time around, ‘next gen’ is absolutely underwhelming me – anyone else? There’s just no wow factor. When these consoles finally release they’ll be promoting graphics specs that are already out of date on PC now. Big decisions.

    • Same every console.

      And we’ve not seen a single thing from next gen yet.

    • Yep. -_-

    • confused nothing is out or been shown?

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