Minecraft 360 Updates Already On the Way

Minecraft has always been known for its updates. Essentially, when PC gamers bought into the game, they were buying into a system that has evolved massively over time. As we pointed out in our review of the 360 version, it is basically beta 1.6 from the PC timeline.

Well, the 360 Edition of Minecraft will follow a similar path of upgrades, hitting the major PC releases as closely as 4J, the studio behind the port, can manage. First up, they’re aiming to deliver an equivalent of PC version 1.73. That means adding better textures for cobblestone and bricks but it also includes a couple of mechanical changes.


In PC 1.73, TNT could only be set off with flint & steel or redstone charges and sheep needed to be killed before they dropped wool. Unless you used the new shears to trim them – shears also allowed you to mine foliage. We also saw the addition of pistons with 1.73 and more plentiful clay generation making brickworks more feasible.

If nothing else, the news that 4J is working on this – and trying to land on the major PC updates – should mean that we can expect Minecraft 360 Edition to keep on evolving just as previous platform’s editions have.

Source: Twitter, via OXM



  1. Have Mojang/4J got a deal with Microsoft regarding updates? I’m sure I read on Eurogamer that a patch costs around 20k to put up. With MC’s development style, it would be a no-brainer for them to organise a way to reduce the costs.

  2. i’ve not used pistons much, but they do open a wealth of options for things you can create.

    i hope the next update is sooner rather than later though, there’s a rather annoying bug with the water buckets that needs fixing.
    it’s making farming a right bloody pain.

  3. Pistons are the single most awesome thing they ever added to minecraft. There are so many things you can do. Most of them involving secret or overly complex door ways. I love having a part of the floor that opens up and then steps slide into place to let you down into a secret basement. *Insert wish minecraft was on PSN comment here*

  4. It does actually say that updates are coming on the title screen too :)

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