PS4 Unlikely To Block Used Games, As Tretton Voices His Opinion

Speaking on the latest Bonus Round, Sony’s Jack Tretton said that he was “opposed to blocking used games”, despite rumours that the PS4 would feature some kind of anti-pre-owned lock.

The SCEA CEO said they were “great for consumers” and that blocking them in a future console would be “anti-consumer”, although of course this doesn’t necessarily rule out increasing the chunks of games that an online pass covers, for example.


Or, of course, the Japanese divisions of SCE, which tend to make the decisions on issues like this. “Japan might think something different,” he admitted.




  1. well if they do, bye bye PS4 for me. it would be the end on console gaming for me, I will onbviously be totally gutted, but thats life I guess.

    • Totally agree. I would almost certainly jump ship to either PC gaming or get the next xbox.
      But Sony would only do it if they knew MS were doing it, they would be shooting themselves in the foot if their competitor offered a console that could play pre-owned. Although I’m guessing it’s more of a software thing so it could be enabled/disabled at any time?

      • But pc gaming is a million times worse for DRM.

      • But with Steam is 1000 times better than PSN and Live, plus it’s a lot cheaper too, especially in the sales. DRM doesn’t bother me too much as most of my gaming takes place where I have internet.

      • Unfortunately, there’s the same rumour going around for the next Xbox as well, which I thought gave the rumours some credence, since no console manufacturer would be stupid enough to be the only company to add this.

        Hopefully Tretton is right, otherwise I may have to skip the next gen like I have with the Vita (one account per system can go screw itself).

    • Almost all pc gaming is drm though?

    • The end of console gaming for you?
      Do you buy a lot of used games for PC? Or do you sell the ones you’re finished with?

    • I’d hate to buy a game that I’ve pre-ordered only to find its a broken mess, which is more noticeable on PC it seems for the indies stuff like Orion or Gettsburwhatever. Cheaper but the devs are cheats.

      They won’t block used games, its a silly idea and a huge blow for each manufacturers sales I believe.

    • Same. I’d love to have buckets of cash to buy every game that appeals to me but the truth is I can only really justify a £6 LoveFilm subscription and perhaps a £20 game each month. Removing the ability to play pre-owned will in turn completely put me off the industry as a whole

  2. It would be suicide for MS or Sony to lock preowned as they would lose a large chunk of the market so i am glad that Tretton has said it is unlikely although i would have preffered if he confirmed that it would never happen.

    • Well as he pointed out it’s not his decision. Saying it would never happen would be bad business anyway, you’ve got to leave yourself some wiggle room.

  3. well, good.

    how can they increase how many game require an online pass?
    all sony titles already have them don’t they?

    unles they’re going to follow ea’s lead and have an online pass for single player content.

    there’s one thing sony need to know, any console that blocks used games will not be bought by me, and a hell of a lot of other people would have the same policy.

    considering how close things are between sony and ms this gen, i don’t think either side will want to lose those sales to the other camp.

    either they’ll both do it or neither i reckon.

  4. This is the problem with Sony, Japan are making all the big decisions and it isn’t always neccessarily what everyone wants

    • It’s ridiculous considering how small their market is compared to Europe and the USA, still they call the shots.

      • I know, it needs to be changed

  5. Mabay his last comment is a not so subtle warning.

  6. if ps4 blocks pre-owned then I’m with bilbo, no more console gaming from me. As a part time worker with a family of five to support, the pre-owned market and rentals are a main source of playing collection, without it I can’t afford 90% of the games I am able to play atm.

  7. Put it this way, if it doesn’t play pre owned games I certainly now buying it.

  8. I got the PlayStation the day it came out in the UK i got the ps2 the same day i got the ps3 the same day if they block pre owned games i wont get a ps4 simple as that.

    might as well say we don’t want to sell our consoles we just want them to sit in shops and gather dust because I know if any console blocks pre used games it wont sell simple as that yes you might get some rich fool buying one but ever software house out there will go bust if they try and sell for consoles

    would you make a TV and say you can’t watch repeats would you make a DVD player then say sorry you have to buy every single film you want to watch as the one you just rented had been watched by someone else and what if your system breaks down
    Fair enough making the games you download limited to 2-3 systems but blocking a hard copy of a game is bonkers (Wanted to use something a little stronger but bot getting banned)

    SONY MICRO SOFT NINTENDO all I can say is block used games and go bust

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