WeView Verdict: Brink

It’s always nice to see a close run thing when I look at a WeView, and Brink certainly provided that this week. There also seemed to be a real split in opinion with the game, with a fair number of people appearing on both sides of the “Do you like Brink?” question.

Something that really stood out for me when flicking through your responses this week was the number of people who felt Brink didn’t live up to what it had promised, who felt let down by the end product. Amongst these was Kreisash, who said who said that although they “Loved the concept,” they felt that “the execution was bad along with a load of bugs on release, network issues and mixed reviews sent this game to its premature death.”

[drop2]gaffers101 was quick to point out another issue with the title, one that’s caused by its multiplayer core. Whilst they did enjoy Brink, they pointed out that “unless you had a really good group of people playing, it quickly turned into a free-for-all. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a decent lobby nowadays”.

In a game with such a strong multiplayer focus that can be an issue, and with Brink being very different from you standard deathmatch it’s not surprising that some people strayed from the system laid out by Splash Damage. gaffers101 did finish by saying that “everyone should at least experience the excellent SMART free-running system,” certainly one of the game’s high points.

tonycawley also impressed the importance of the game’s multiplayer. “As a single player experience, it’s nothing to write home about,” he noted, before mentioning the game’s popularity on TSA. “We played a lot of TSA meets on this game when the network was back up and the game really came into it’s own, providing a great teamwork experience.” The game’s focus on multiplayer, and the extent to which a good multiplayer group effects your enjoyment, meant that townycawley  couldn’t actually rate the game, becoming the first person on WeView to spoil their ballot.

Although teflon wasn’t overly enamoured with the game, he did find it had quite a few redeeming qualities. He opened by saying that he “loved the art style, and the degree to which you could customise your character.” Also worthy of praise was the game’s free running system, and the “premise and plot, which would nicely set up a Brink 2.” Ultimately though he found the game had too many issues on the PS3 for him to recommend it.

Finally, we turn to element666 to wrap things up. Their comment may be short, but it wraps up the general views of the game:

Playing it single player isn’t that great due to the AI, but playing it with friends it really shines.”

Now it’s time to turn to your verdict on the game. Fifteen of you took part this week, although as noted tonycawley decided to spoil his ballot. Of the remaining fourteen four selected Avoid It and four picked Rent It. In first place, with six of you selecting it, was Buy It. So, a close run thing, but ultimately Brink is worth a buy; it’s probably worth making sure that you have some friends to play with though.



  1. I quite enjoyed my rental of Brink but I totally agree that the people you end up in a lobby with make all the difference.
    I did have many frustrating games where people were charging around getting killed, running straight for the objective with no support or completely ignoring my need for support when I was working on an objective.
    The games when most people were trying to do it properly were great but they were the minority.

  2. Lol, 2 mentions in 1 write up! You are spoiling me!

    So that was a particularly successful weview then, a close run thing with plenty of comments. I’ll have a think about what game you could do this week.

    • Same here, lucky us.
      Not like me to have something relevant to say!!

  3. I enjoyed what I played of it.
    But like most people said, it was only good if you played with a bunch of mates as the AI was just plain stupid at times.

  4. Thanks for the mention :)

  5. i liked brink.
    although getting a decent match with a room full of real people was difficult when you did it was a good crack!

    • I bought it the other day, well worth it at that price.

    • yeah, got that deal a few weeks ago. Still not opened it up yet. Dam Devil May Cry consuming my playing time!

  6. Seen this for dirt cheap. Will have to pick it up sooner or later to give it a try.

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