Capcom Comments On On-Disk DLC, Dragon’s Dogma Features Lots Of It

Everyone knows Capcom are EVIL. They make millions and billions of dollars by putting some of the downloadable content on the disk and then when people splash out on extra characters all they have to download is a 100kb unlock key.

They should make that stuff actually downloadable.


However, the Japanese publisher is listening. They know that people hate the idea of having future content locked away on the disk until palms are crossed with silver, so they’re changing their ways. They are reforming. They will no longer be evil.

Well, shortly, because some games are already well into development that are sticking to the rules. Dragon’s Dogma will be another game where you’ll buy (should you so decide) content that’s already developed, produced, downloaded.

“We have begun the process of re-evaluating how such additional game content is delivered in the future,” say Capcom.

“As this process has only just commenced in the past month or so, there will be some titles, where development began some time ago and that are scheduled for release in the coming months, for which we are unable to make changes to the way some of their post release content is delivered.”

“One such title is Dragon’s Dogma, where the decision to include some additional (but not all planned additional) game content for the game on disc was made at the beginning of the game’s development cycle as at the time this was determined to be the most efficient way of ensuring certain content was made available.”

Capcom say Dragon’s Dogma will offer 30-40 hours of gameplay without any DLC, but with it there’s likely to be around 100 hours.

“You are being heard,” the blog ends, meaning gamers, fresh from a group protest over Mass Effect 3’s ending, can rest easy that they’re effectively changing long term internal policies at at least one major publisher.


Update: apologies, we misinterpreted the quote regarding content. Capcom have told us it refers to 30-40 hours story, 100 hours with all sidequests the game ships with.



  1. Oh wow. This is genuinely good news. Sure, they want to leverage money from each and every one of us but there’s a decent way to go about this and it appears Capcom are finally getting the message. Fingers crossed this is just the beginning of consumers feeling a lot less shafted by game devs/publishers.

    • I still don’t see what difference it makes, Other than the delivery method.

      They are saying here you are getting 30-40% of the game. But you (optionally) have to pay extra to get the full 100%. With those sort of figures, whether its on the disc or not is irrelavent TBH…

      • Ah, I thought it was implying that future DLC will be separate and downloadable not downloadable on day one which is equally shaftworthy. Bugger. :-(

      • Silly Bunny.

    • Why is this good news? WHat the friggin fickety doo dah has this achived other than make everyone WAIT for the DLC to download? It’s not like Capcom are not going to to stop doing Day one, it will just be a download now.

      Well done Internet.

      • Even though we have opposing views on day one DLC (we’ll not get into that again) I agree with you that this really isn’t a result, for the reason you mention.

      • People who have restricted download limits or bad connection speeds now have to wait ages for it to download rather than just too unlock it? I prefer it being on the disc.

  2. So the DLC is going to be bigger than the actual game, in terms of hours, and by quite some margin? So buying the £40 game is only buying 30/40% of the entire experience they’re creating. Right.

    • Would you prefer they charge £80-£100 up front, then sell zero copies endangering their own future in the process, so that they no longer exist to make more games?

      • Yes, actually. Buying a game these days isn’t buying the whole game. I only part with my money for games I really like, therefore I’d like the whole game. So this actually works against them, as I won’t buy the game in this way – I’ll spend my money on an entire game, not the first installment.

      • Since the update, this seems more reasonable. Would be stupid to sell you such a low proportion of a game for the normal price of a game.

  3. If you can craft in this game then surely it could be around 1000 hours?… even worse if it added DLC dedicated to Monster Hunter, the world will…… END.

    Gewd that they’ve found there hearts

  4. I was on board with what they were saying until I saw that the DLC for Dragons Dogma will more than double the size of the game. That has to be a kick in the teeth

  5. WHAT THE HELL?! 40 hour game turns into a 100-hour game?! I’m tempted to cancel my DD pre-order now, just to wait until it’s cheaper and get the dlc then…

    • That’s it, I’ve voted with my wallet and cancelled the order. I was really looking forward to this, but the game’s supposed flaws and the expectation to basically buy the game twice is too much. Capcom, I hate you.

    • lol.. it doesn’t even matter

    • Most RPGs are around 40 hours (Mass Effect was less!) I’m happy to get my game extended by that much, it’s not going to be anything to do with the main story so depending on play style it might not even extend out the game for some people.

  6. so instead of it actually being on the disk, you now have to download it. Wont make a bit of difference, its still made and will charge you for it>????

  7. So they’ve missed the point again, it cant be that hard to understand surely?

    • What is the point?

      They can either release the game at £40, then sell extra content to percentage of owners who want more of the experience.

      Or perhaps they could charge £80-£100 up front, include the extra content, but probably not sell hardly any copies at all

  8. Here’s an alternate proposal Capcom:
    How about simply putting a game together to the best of your abilities and then releasing it in it’s complete state? None of this online pass rubbish (which EA have recently proven is complete horseshite via Battlefield3) and no chargable extras such as guns, clothing items and maps.
    Yes I understand DLC is normally handled by a seperate team but I can’t get my head round why it’s suddenly ok for devs to do half a job and charge us for the rest of it later. Its not like games are getting bigger, in fact they are getting progressively shorter, with 5-6 hour campaigns and tacked on multiplayer modes.

    Oh well, it’s had the opposite effect on me than they were probably hoping for. I very rarely buy games now and just rent them in their standard form as I refuse on principle to give them more money for doing less work.
    Exceptions: Suda51 and CD Projekt Red.

    • Bingo B)

    • Here, here Davey. Was excited about this after the demo, but not touching it with a barge pole if it’s gonna be accompanied by a metric fuck tonne of DLC from day one.

      If only a publisher could put out an expansive and complete, huge, open world, 3rd person RPG and make a financial go of it as a standalone product but alas it’s just not financially viable any more. Someone should tell Namco and From Software that Dark Souls was a grave mistake, they must be gutted.

    • Everyone’s costs go up over time

      Games are roughly the same price as PS1 games, inflation means that’s worth many times less to publishers & developers than it was then. thanks to the extra graphics capabilities the number of people required to make games has risen. It’s all got dearer.

      Think how pretty much everything has gone up massively in price over the last 15 years, but yet games haven’t.

      Developers and publishers haven’t doubled the RRP of games over that time, they’re squeezed more than ever, so what you’re suggesting is that you want them to make games at a loss, just so you can get what you think you’re entitled to?

      Perhaps they should make games in the way everyone seems to think they should, but double the price… rather than give people the option of whether they want to pay for extra/whole experience or not?

      I predict that more people will moan & sales will plummet, with that in mind, perhaps they’re doing the right thing, no matter how unsavoury to some it may seem.

      • I hear what you are saying and it is a tricky one. Personally if given the choice I’d be happier handing over £45-50 for a game providing I could take it out the wrapper, put it in my console and not worry about any extra content/patches in the coming months. There’s something about making a new purchase and finding out moments later that you haven’t been given the complete product that winds me up.

      • I don’t feel entitled to anything, but if they want my money they need to offer a product I desire, FROM did exactly that with Dark Souls, a complete stand alone product and I think it may well have done quite well for them financially, I certainly doubt it made a loss, though admittedly I haven’t seen the figures. They even incentivised people to preorder without shafting the resale value of their game too, which was a pleasant change these days.

        I always used to buy mission packs back in the 90’s and early noughties and relish the opportunity to expand my gaming experience, hell, I buy an awful lot of DLC, for instance all of the MAG and Warhawk packs. However, when companies start stripping away elements of the core experience (feline ladies and beat em up characters for instance) and locking them behind an arbitrary pay wall, I just don’t want to do business with them any more. If a company fails to deliver the product I want then I’m not gonna part with cash, simple as.

        It’s always sad when a title of interest falls foul of this, but I’ll still spend that money on games, just someone elses. It does make me curious as to whether we will arrive at the situation where gamers get so hacked off with it that the damage to actual sales outweighs the increased revenue from day one DLC. It must be almost impossible to measure but I do think it’s an interesting prospect.

        I guess for me, and people are free to agree or not, DLC is fine and welcome, but day one DLC sticks in my craw.

  9. So the principle remains the same, all they will be doing is slicing off a portion of the game before its pressed (or how ever it is theyre made) so you have to dl it, as oppose to just having it on the disc and just downloading a key, the problem is THE PRINCIPLE REMAINS THE SAME, you are charging extra for content that was always intended to be part of the game in the first place. In fact, as far as Im concerned, this is worse, because theyre trying to make out that the content is additional to whats already been coded.
    Maybe they should start developing some cool new games, stop churning out shite sequels of their quality titles from years ago and stop taking the game buying public for mugs, and that gioes for the bloody lot of these devs.
    My pre-order is happily cancelled, and i will NEVER buy a Capcom game again. Ive had it with being turned over.
    At this rate this is the last gen I’ll be console gaming on. I mean christ, the promises i was made before the current genration of consoles dropped was unbelieveable, and it turned ut to be just that. I was being promised unparalelled (spelling?) new potential for all sorts of things game wise, instead what Ive got is the same old games (sport, racing and shooting) with uprated graphics and sound, oh and devs dont feel the need to finish games before shipping now as we have the internet and they can just finish the game once the paying public have done three months of testing for them AFTER release date YAYYYYYYYYYY.

  10. i’ve not bought a Capcom game in a long time because of their stupid attitude, and now I’ve started with EA. These companies should learn because my money will make a huge difference lol

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