Diablo III Servers Buckle After Midnight Launch

After a successful midnight launch in the U.S. Blizzard are having a few problems with Diablo III.


It appears that the game is rather popular and although it is an offline experience it authenticates itself with the Diablo servers – or not, as many have found out – ff your PC cannot connect to the server within 40 seconds ‘Error 37’ is displayed and dungeon crawling is cancelled.

“Due to high concurrency the login servers are currently at full capacity,” said Blizzard, “this may cause delays in the login process, account pages and web services.”

Understandably, gamers are a little miffed and have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations. Ex-Infinity Warder Robert Bowling tweeted ‘From now, until the end of time, I shall use ‘Error 37’ for only the most heinous of failures. It will become my ‘I am disappoint’.

Some players have been taking a more light hearted approach, this helpful guide to the problem amused me.

We’ve got a review of Diablo III in the works, if our reviewer can get himself authenticated. Keep an eye out for that as soon as we’ve had plenty of time to test the game.

Source: MCV



  1. I’m surprised. I thought Blizzard of all people would be well prepared for this sort of problem.

  2. I’m not surprised the servers have buckled as Diablo 3 is one of the most anticapated games of this decade. Although they should have seen it coming and should have put up more servers then slowly remove the extra ones after a week as it would help to deal with the amount of users.

  3. Thank god for DRM eh?

  4. i threw the hard drive out the window, but nothing happened, diablo still doesn’t work!

    ..oh, there is a policeman now, looking at the man that got hit by the drive…

    • That really hurt you know! Plus thanks to you, i’ve been arrested for possession of illegal miltary tech and for planning to take over the world.

  5. I managed to get on at about half midnight last night for a couple of hours, but it took an hour and a half to get in.

    The EU servers were up for around 10 seconds before they essentially got DDoSed.

  6. Such a good idea to have an always on, mandatory internet connection now, wasn’t it?


    • Interesting that when someone’s own internet goes down (for whatever reason) they might want to fire up a good single player campaign of something on the PC then find out they can’t play it. I’d be gutted.

      • Yeah, its one thing where you are unable to play a multiplayer element for a time due to connection issues (which do happen to the best of us), but then when you think “it’s ok, i’ll just play a bit of single player for a bit” followed rather speedily by “oh…”.

        I will never buy a game that has this sort of treatment. If that means i never buy a game if this is the way forwards, then so be it.

    • It was an excellent idea, it’s not like people want to play the SP. Oh wait.

  7. Wow. Quite the surprise when you think how the beta went and how many copies were pre-ordered. Bad form.

    Also, Metacritic reader reviews are littered with 0/10 from angry fans. Additionally, I think I’ve read a game spoiler from another new game so really… don’t go look!

    • The beta weekend did the same thing, it was barely accessible until half way through the weekend – I only got in on Saturday night (after it opened sometime on Friday).

      In other news, I’ve had the game spoiled by some dickhead too. I only waited half my life for this game, nice of that guy to tell me all the big plot points.

  8. It’s not an offline experience, it’s online all the time, even when you’re playing alone in single player.

    • once again legitimate buyers are left without the game they paid for, while the pirates no doubt are enjoying the game.

      when will these companies learn, drm that makes the experience worse for legitimate buyers is frakking useless.

      no scratch that, it does do one thing, it promotes piracy.

      and you know what, i have no sympathy for them.

      but then they know this won’t stop piracy.
      somebody will have hacked out that ludicrous always on crap within hours i’d bet.
      but it does a good job of preventing the perfectly legal preowned market.

      • that wasn’t meant as a reply by the way, i must have clicked the reply button by mistake.

      • Diablo 3 is yet to be cracked as far as I know.

  9. Urge this is a blizzmare! was playing it earlier and now it’s after working hours they have all stopped working again due to high population. Roar!,

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