Exclusive: Sony’s Ecolibrium Is Nothing To Do With Futurelab

Are we sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin.

A while back Sony registered the trademark ‘Ecolibrium’ and the internet being the internet, certain websites picked up on the trademark, did a quick Google and discovered a ‘game’ of the same name in development by Futurelab.


That’s Future with an ‘e’, not Futurlab purveyors of coconut dodging and velociteering.

Said websites then put two and two together and shouted ‘OMG PS3 game called Ecolibrium!’ This ‘news’ then proceeded to spread across the internet.

The ‘news’ was noticed by your’s truly who decided to investigate a little further.

Ecolibrium, such as it is, is described as ‘a vast internet-based virtual world containing an ecosystem of thousands of semi-intelligent artificial life forms.

Children can create their own creatures and release them into the world to observe their creature’s behaviour and success within the ecosystem. The project is aimed at worldwide school and home use, and investigates cross-curricular activity.’

This plucky reporter wonders what the hell that has to do with PlayStation, common sense seems to indicate that this is not a PS3 game at all.

To double check, I asked Futurelab (with an “e”) if Sony’s Ecolibrium is anything to do with their Ecolibrium. It’s quite easy, I sent them an email and asked.

Futurelab replied to me: ‘I’m afraid we don’t have anything to do with an upcoming Sony project. Ecolibrium was indeed a project we worked on many years ago, but we didn’t receive any interest or funding for it.’

So, it’s a very dead, very old educational project rather than a brand new and exciting PS3 game. Cup of tea?



  1. “vast internet-based virtual world containing an ecosystem of thousands of semi-intelligent artificial life forms.”

    Sounds like PS Home.

    • All feminine life-forms would probably be a lie or trap.

    • Lol, good call, ill pay that.

  2. I bet its Echo 3..

  3. Outstanding work, Tuff.

    • Thank you. Apperently sending an email to check is a huge amount of effort for others :)

      • And it’s the sort of out-the-box thinking that has earned you my ‘Journalistic Award of the Day’ for substantial contributions to the gaming journalism world.

  4. Two spoons of sugar please.

  5. Damn, that sounds interesting. Would they not qualify for the Kickstarter fund?

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