Korean Players Beat Diablo III’s Single Player

It looks like Korean players have beaten Diablo III’s single player mode, on normal difficulty,  in around 4 to 5 hours.

Diablo III contains 4 acts and there is an achievement available that is earned by completing each act in under an hour. So it’s not an impossible task.

An image of the final part of the game has also made its way online. Do not click on this link if you want to avoid any spoilers.

Diablo III didn’t have the smoothest of launches with Error 37 being the bane of many who couldn’t connect to the game’s authentication servers.

Source: DSOGaming



  1. Just to put this into perspective, I am almost 6 hours in and have yet to finish the first act.

    • yeah me too :)

      • Likewise! I took just over 6 hours with the first Act.

        Loving it btw! :P

    • And to put it into perspective i’m 0 hours into due to error 37 :)

  2. I am loving this game, the error was annoying but so many people where logging in, it was understandable. I just kept attempting to log in, took a couple of minutes and I was in.

  3. Have Diablo 2 on me shelf but never tried it.

    Might get around to picking this up over the summer. I can’t see a dungeon crawler holding my attention for too long, mind.

  4. Still waiting for mine to turn up from amazon :(

  5. I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about this but still know practically nothing about the actual game s what is it and is it any good?

  6. From what iv been told it is the most amazing game ever. I dont even know what gerne it is though ;/

  7. Wow surprised they could even get on to have completed it already.
    Took me about 2 hours to be able to log on (mind I wasn’t solely trying to get on, I was watching things and surfing the net, I’m not crazy enough to sit there looking at the menu screen for 2 hours.) I got on once only to create a character then get kicked off. Now I’ve played it a few hours and loving it. I really don’t think I’ll be getting through it that fast though.

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