Latest WoH Update Cuts Hero Prices

Today’s weekly Wrath of Heroes update will undoubtedly be met with open arms. It may not overflowing with fixes and tweaks as in last week’s past, but no battleground brawler can turn their nose up at Mythic’s slew of hero discounts.

Volrik, one of the game’s go-to crowd controllers, has been cut down to just 9,000 gold. Fiery DPS/control hybrid Felicia is almost half price at 16,000. Also offensive, self-healer Drulg has also been discounted to 23,000. Perhaps the biggest price drop has been for WoH only healer-centric character, Glowgob, plummeting down from 60,000 to 40,000. Gem prices for these heroes have also been adjusted.


Elsewhere on the store, you can grab Olwyn Shieldbearer for a nifty 30,000, the Dwarf Ironbreaker also receiving the classy “Goblinbane” alternate skin.

Source: Wrath of Heroes