Massive Poll Results: Do You Regret Buying Move or Kinect?

Recently we asked you if you were satisfied by the way Sony and Microsoft had supported Move and Kinect and the resounding answer from 54% of voters is ‘No’.

“Yes, I regret buying my PS Move. Luckily I didn’t buy the other analog part thingy, hopefully Sorcery will change this though,” said TSA member Nauraph, echoing the thoughts of many.

Sorcery launches on May 25th and our hands on was generally positive. Dan said title meant it was ‘time to dust off your Move’, and hopefully the release will restore people’s faith in the motion control system a little.


Whilst people aren’t all that happy with the way Sony has handled Move, Kinect fared little better. “I’ve got the two Kinect sports games and Kinect Adventures which are quite fun but are only used when people are round,” said BigBadWolf. “I also had Sonic Free Riders which handled like a cabbage in a tumble dryer. [Kinect] gets dusted more than it gets used, which is a shame.”

However, not everyone felt their motion controllers had let them down. McProley was one of the minority who did not regret buying into motion control. “I’m a sucker for House Of The Dead and other on the rails shooters. Dead Space extraction is awesome too!” he said and I am inclined to agree with him on Dead Space. The problem is that whilst the shooter works well with Move, it’s just a port of a Wii game.

With E3 looming 28% of voters were hoping that Microsft and Sony were going to deliver something more than yet another dancing game or a Wii port.

Whilst Microsoft have been pretty quiet about what they’ve got coming up, Sony have been firing out new game announcements with abandon. Unfortunately, none of the titles they’ve announced so far use Move; Move owners must be hoping they’re holding back a big surprise.



  1. I like the Move controller but didn’t see the vote.
    Played some games with it like Socom, Echochrome, House of the Dead and since one week i tried Datura which is amazing and would present what is possible with that device.

    Looking forward to Sorcery

  2. “The problem is that whilst the shooter works well with Move, it’s just a port of a Wii game.”

    Does that matter that it’s a Wii port? Thanks to Move you can now play those kind of shooters on PS3 the way they are meant to be played, and without having to purchase a dedicated accessory that can only be used with those.

  3. Yeah I’ve enjoyed the wii ports with my move too, like Dead Space Extraction which I loved. Looking forward to the Resident Evil ports as well. Sadly I’ve been suckered into buying games just to make my purchase seem more worthwhile. Medieval Moves has probably been played for about an hour since November and House of the Dead Overkill about half an hour since April. Those did cost me £15 and £10 though so I suppose I can’t complain. Was hoping HotD would be similar to Dead Space, silly me. Anyone know if the Resident Evil games on wii are similar to Dead Space Extraction?

  4. I’ve got a Kinect, simply because I needed a new Xbox and the missus gave me a £100 voucher she had towards it on the condition I bought it with the Kinect. Right now it gets no use as I’ve moved it away from downstairs so there is no real use for it as we don’t have the space, I did try it with Mass Effect 3 but it appeared that the cries of a baby seem to register some options some times and I also felt that it picked up the sound of the game too and selected options I didn’t want. I’ll probably keep it though as it could be good when the kid gets a little older.

    Never bought a move, wasn’t really that impressed with the line up and nothing has really changed my mind since.

  5. I have neither, but I reckon I’d be quite happy with Kinnect. I’ve played it quite a few times and it’s a great laugh, and Forza is pretty cool with it. Whether I’d say it was worth £100 or whatever is a different story, but I’d certainly say I wouldn’t regret buying it. Can’t say the same for Move though, if it looked good I would of bought one by now but the games just aren’t there for it.

  6. I regret buying PS Move and have now sold it.

    Thought it had potential, especially for mouse-type control for RTS games.

    In the end the only game I spent a lot of time with it on was Flight Control.

  7. For me, it’s like having a Wii option on my PS3, great for parties and when friends visit and i don’t need another device under the tv. Tumble was by far my favourite Move game to play alone. I would have loved if Sony had released that “minority report”-style tech demo on psn but in their incomprehensible wisdom they didn’t.

  8. Move is a great addition as far as I’m concerned, I picked up child of Eden recently & it’s well suited to that. Ruse was good with it too & I know a few that use in on Resistance & Killzone with good effect.

  9. have no problem with Move myself.

  10. A little bit. I think they just wanted to compete with the Wii audience, didn’t get Socery out quick enough and it fell flat.
    However it is good for Time Crisis. And it is a great device- far more accurate than the Wii, which Tumble proved. Just nothing followed it.
    Let’s hope it’s not the same story for the Vita…..

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