PixelJunk 4am Launch Trailer

Oh dear, this is one of those ‘all the information is the headline’ news items.

Time for some emergency padding, emergency celebrity padding in fact as I have asked my chum, the ever so lovely El Hornet from Australian wobble bass makers ‘Pendulum’ what he thought of Pixeljunk 4am.


‘I’m as excited about it as the guy waving the light saber,’ he said.

As the guy waving the ‘light saber’ is Pixeljunk collaborator Baiyon that must mean El Hornet likes it an awful lot.

Here is the trailer.


Source: YouTube



  1. ‘I’m as excited about it as the guy waving the light saber,’ he said.

    Yeah, Me too. Looks like he can barely contain himself.

  2. This is such a weird concept, but it’s going to be cool listening to what people create.

  3. I’m up for this, still think this could be a good experiment…Move also seeing a lot of action what with this and Datura last week :)

  4. El Hornet is a top dude. That is all.

    • Indeed he is. He also cuts a dashing figure when dressed as young Obi Wan Kenobi… er.. dont ask.

  5. That trailer is actually 8 months old I’m afraid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGTTVo_6S8M

    • Feel free to tell the official PlayStation chanell who uplaoded it mere moments ago titled “Launch Trailer” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPHiEuuPVIg – Maybe they didnt bother making a new one.

      • Scuse typos im trying to get out the office before the next massive hailstorm.

      • Weather has been summat else today, my hillwalking gear saw use today and I was bloody glad of it too!

  6. What part of Pendulum is El Hornet? Pendulum are awesome!

    Game looks interesting, as a sidenote, not played much of the beta

  7. Looks to be worth a punt :)

  8. I’ll probably pick this up but when i tried the Live Player beta i found the performances uninspiring. Most sounded pretty much the same although one or two players seemed to be experimenting a bit more with the available sounds and were creating their own rythm loops. Unfortunately, when they then switched in ‘that riff’ (if you tried the beta you’ll know what i mean) into the mix, the riff was completely out of time and made a mess of it.
    As i say, i’m still interested in this, i like the potential but i believe i’ll be let down by the limitations. I guess i can always hope that the beta testers just sucked and that 4am has more to reveal in the right hands.. ;p

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