Rumour: Wii U To Get Cloud Saves

Wii U Daily are reporting that the new Nintendo console will have cloud storage for save games and profiles.

Citing the ever mysterious Mr. Source, they suggest that each Nintendo Network profile will be allocated 512MB of cloud storage space.

Mr. Source apparently works for Mozy, Inc. who are rumoured to be working with Nintendo on the cloud.

The 512MB storage equals that offered by Xbox Live, leaving Sony trailing behind with a paltry 150mb which is just enough for ten of my Skyrim save files.

Sort it out Sony.

Source: Wii-U Daily



  1. Ok, so people use cloud saves?! I think I used it once to see how it worked but never saw a need for it. I assume it’s just for people going from place to place with a game?

    • yeah, so you can use multiple machines or so you have an off-site backup in case your on-console save corrupts.

    • I’d love to have cloud saves just for the case that my PS3 could die.

    • i have two ps3s and cloud saves can be dead handy.
      the locked ones are still a bloody pain though.

    • I use cloud saves, not for a second console but to back them up. It’s automatic now making it more convenient. I also used it to transfer to my new PS3 withou having to use a USB stick.

  2. Yeah, i’m running low on Cloud Storage memory atm

  3. Even if it is 512MB I’m not fussed, the 150MB for Plus is enough for me because I don’t have a big library full of games.

  4. This should be standard, I’d be very surprised if Nintendo didn’t include cloud saves.

    • I agree it should be standard in the WiiU and next ps3 and xbox consoles

  5. Could saves will be great. Especially when I go round to a friends to play their Wii U… Oh, wait.

  6. given nintendos previous attitude to the anything to do with online, i’ll take this rumour with a pinch of salt.

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