Silent Hill Vita Quietly Delayed Again

Book of Memories looks like it has some potential to deliver a proper Silent Hill experience on the PlayStation Vita. So when its original March release date was put back until May, we felt an odd sense of disappointment – because we’d have to wait – and relief – because it moved further out of the Vita’s packed launch line up.

But it’s May now and we’ve heard nothing more about it actually hitting stores yet. Well, it appears as though Konami might have delayed it again and chosen no to tell the press or fans.


An Eagle-eyed DToid reader spotted the date change over on Amazon and a quick look around forums and message boards shows that many Silent Hill fans are discovering similar situations at other retailers. Konami has so far been quiet on the issue.

The new date is October 31st, putting it right in the line to compete with some of the year’s biggest console games. Games like BioShock Infinite and Call of Duty: Black Ops II are out within weeks of that date. Of course, those games are not on the Vita so perhaps Konami thinks that it will be able to set the pace for Vita games in the lucrative holiday period. It certainly looks like the only major Vita release around that time but with E3 just around the corner and Sony needing to breathe some excitement into the Vita, we expect that situation to change very soon.

In the meantime, it looks like Silent Hill: Book of Memories has been stealthily delayed again. Not a horror story but a minor disappointment, at least.

Source: DToid



  1. Wasn’t Bioshock infinite delayed too?

    • Yeah I thought Bioshock was delayed until Feb 2013

    • oh, so it was! I missed that :)

  2. They are surely busy making the ultimate fix-all patch for the atrocious HD collection… Oh it’s Konami, not gonna happen…

  3. Meh the series is silent now, it’ll never be great again. Although Book of Memories on the Wii was cool.

  4. Proper Silent Hill experience?! Lolwut!
    This game is the final nail in a coffin containing a corpse that’s been decomposing for years.

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