Ubisoft Financials Suggest Next Gen Consoles Arriving After March 2013

[drop2]Ubisoft have published their full year (March 20112 – March 2012) financial reports which reveal full-year sales of €1,061 million, which generated net income of €37.4 million.

The sales were split fairly evenly with €578 million in revenue generated from core games such as the Assassin’s Creed franchise and €483 million in revenue from casual games including Just Dance.


Now pay attention, this is the science bit: for 2012-13 Ubisoft are pinning their hopes on “the ongoing strong growth in the Free-to-Play market for PCs, smartphones and tablets” but they continue,

“From a longer-term perspective, Ubisoft is positioning itself to capitalize on the forthcoming arrival of the next generation of consoles which will be increasingly connected and will strongly boost the market thanks to a new qualitative leap and the integration of social games benefits and the item based model.”

That means ‘next gen’ will not arrive until after March 2013 as Ubisoft have not included them in the current financial year – but the consoles are ‘forthcoming’. The statement does raise the question of how can our consoles become anymore ‘connected’ than being online?

It does sound like next gen will be impressive as Ubisoft think the games market will receive a huge boost due to a ‘qualitative leap’. Exciting times but I think we can pretty much rule out any chance of the PS4 and Xbox Infinity/8/Next/720/Whatevers until Christmas 2013.

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  1. Connected with string, I wager.

  2. wasn’t the expected release date winter 2013? and by more connected they probably mean stuff like Facebook, twitter and better integration with web based sites and apps.

    • this is ubisoft, their idea of better connected is always on drm.

  3. I probably won’t buy a new console on launch like I did this gen, if it doesn’t have the same technological leap as this generation, as the leaks have been suggesting.

    • Funny I’m not massively psyched about the new consoles but I will get it on day one, I didn’t get one for probably over half a year maybe longer last time as I kind of went off gaming for a while until playing on my friends, then got one straight away.

  4. “how can our consoles become anymore ‘connected’ than being online?” Mind control!

  5. Wait, sales of over a billion, but net profit only 37 million? There’s over a billion euro gone elsewhere in between the first figure and the second.
    I know that retailers take a large cut, and that game budgets and costs of development and publishing are rising, but that seems ridiculous.
    No wonder the games industry is being hit by so many closures and losses.

    • sales weren’t a billion, but a thousand million.
      anyway, as with any figures it is likely massaged to create less taxable income. profit from that 1,000 odd is 700 odd. then less admin, R&D, etc. you eventually get the 37 profit from an income of 56 million. so not as bad as 37 from 1,000 million

      • Umm… A thousand million IS one billion.
        Same as thousand thousand is one million.

        Good point about the figures being massaged though- this IS after paying wages, bonuses, etc. after all.

      • lol, I was being pedantic don’t mind me. The French still use a million million as a billion much like we used to. To go further you could say it’s a milliard, which is a thousand million.

  6. That only means that from March 2013 on Ubisoft will bring a game on a new console.
    1) It could be also February 2014….
    2) The Wii U is starting in the end of 2012 and it won’t be a suprise that Ubisoft is making a game for it.

    SO no need to speculate about a PS4 or next Xbox

  7. March 20112 – March 2012? Ubisoft are time travellers?

  8. My birthday is in March.

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