Vita Hardware Sales Tracking At Less Than A Third Of PSP’s

According to Chart-Track data, the PS Vita – in the UK at least – is tracking at just under a third of what the PSP achieved after the first ten weeks.

Sony’s fancy new ‘console in your pocket’ system has moved just 100,000 units, although that’s not official, with Pocket Gamer citing a ‘well-placed industry source’.


Regardless, the official figures aren’t hard to approximate, with Chart-Track’s business group direction Dorian Bloch saying that the PSP had sold three and a half times as many as the Vita in the same launch period.

Despite a fantastic launch line-up, the Vita has always struggled a little, but high hardware costs and some silly game prices have put people off. Sony will be hoping that first party titles like Resistance and Gravity Rush bring some stimulus to sales.

The price of mobile gaming – regardless of the perception of console-esque titles – has changed considerably since the PSP first released, with most iPhone and iPad games releasing at around 10% the price of Vita titles.

We’d be tempted to think it’s third party games that are key – Activision’s Call of Duty should hopefully push some interest.



  1. I love my Vita, but the game prices are far too high. Only Unit 13 & Uncharted are worthy of the £30 price tag, as they are as good as anything you’d see on the PS3, but the others arent. Plus people just dont like paying too much for their mobile gaming. Simple truth.

    • Indeed, ive been saying it for a long time now, Sony need to realise that the mobile market is vastly different from 2005, even hardened gamers are affected by quality titles like Osmos and FMH around the £6 mark.
      Needs a rethink.

  2. Ignoring the hardcore gamer (for a moment), Sony really need to see that the Vita is an expensive bit of kit that’s trying to make inroads on a new mobile gaming landscape. How do you compete with the iPhones and Android mobiles out there? They’re paid for per month (usually) which makes the cost far more palatable. Sure, these devices don’t have analogue sticks (or buttons, to be fair) but so many travellers want a lighthearted or relatively simple game to pick up and play. Keep the big hitters too but learn from how someone like me might want 30 mins with a game (heck, maybe even 10 mins) and that the Vita is the last thing on my mind when it comes to looking for mobile gaming.

    I don’t like saying this but none of the above is a surprise. :-(

    • Add to this that a friend of mine (who could buy pretty much whatever he fancies) isn’t interested. He’s been a huge gamer all of his life. Nothing’s winning him over and the PS3 titles satiate his needs when looking for small counterparts on the Vita (ie. Golden Abyss, Resistance, etc). “I want to play those on my PS3 and have already played something relatively recently. I want something different on the Vita. Unique franchises to that platform which scale the full gamut of pricing”.

      Said friend also has some casual gaming mates who still won’t touch the PS3 online (and thus the Vita) because of the security debacle last year.

    • Agree with these points, the PSP didn’t have the competition that the Vita has now, plus despite a solid line of of games at launch there were only really two that I was interested in, and having been stung by the PS3 launch back in 2007 (seriously could have waited another year and saved myself big bucks before buying) I’ve decided to wait.

      Price cut, more games, PS1 compatibility will be the three things that will make me consider a vita…

  3. If this could run emulators, I’d buy one right now. From the VITA’s lineup I’m only interested in Gravity Daze and some others have my interest but not so much as to push me to buy one. (MK, Uncharted and Wipeout)

    I’ll wait for more games to come out and maybe a price drop.

    • Even if it its illegal sure.. emulators would be amazing *rolls eyes*

  4. It’s not suprising. The cost of the hardware with a game and memory card is higher than the PSP was (I think). This with the fact that no one has money anymore is not helping the Vita.

    The game prices are coming down quickly so that’s not a big issue for me but I tend to wait until they do drop because some of them are very pricey for what they are.

    I still love my Vita and don’t regret buying it at all.

  5. Don’t know whether I should get one…I have the money, and I have the time…but something keeps holding me back. On the other hand, I really want one!

    • I love my Vita and would recommend you getting one, but I would make sure there are enough games of your liking before buying. Apart from the titles available at launch there’s nothing on the horizon that interests me.

      • Yeeeahh…so I just ordered one. Pretty good deal; 3G with uncharted and 4gig card for £225. Which is less than the wifi launch RRP! Go me!

    • Depends what your into mate..

      • Yep, that’s why I said ‘games of your liking’.

  6. The lineup sucks! Just because most of the people on this site think the Vita lineup was fantastic, clearly majority of the people in the UK don’t including me.

    PSP was special, it had a awesome and fun lineup which attracted buyers. Don’t bring the economy or cost into this low sales because iPhones and iPads sell 100,000’s within the first day and you’d be lucky to even find owner of those devices in stock on release day.

    • *one

    • iphones/ipads and handheld consoles are different markets. You say don’t bring the economy into it, I say don’t group seperate gadgets together

      • iOS is classed a gaming platform. iPod touch is a handheld gaming device and therefore so are iPhones and iPads.

      • iOS is an operating system. Nothing more. iOS and Android are in the same group.

        If you can’t tell the difference between a handheld console like the Vita or 3DS and the ipod then I guess we have nothing further to discuss

      • Erm no. Its still a gaming platform.

      • It’s not classed as a gaming platform. What do you think iOS stands for? idevice operating system. The clue is in the title. Is Android a gaming platform? No. Just because these devices can play games does not make the operating system a gaming platform.

      • It’s an OS that is capable of running games. What’s your point?

    • The PSP line-up was still shit, unlike the Vita edition there’s better choice and not much stinkers like the awful NFS. Gamelofts efforts could be nice but they’re over-priced thats the Vita’s problem really.

  7. I just picked up Machinarium for Android for 2,99€. It’s a fantastic game and I can play it on my tablet and phone at that price. MotorStorm RC got it right. They need more of that AND AAA games that aren’t simple ports of their bigher PS3 brother.
    All I really want is to be able to use remote play on any game. I could sit on the couch and play my PS3 games while the missus watches TV. Shame everyone is too busy milking their customers instead of actually giving them what they want. Sony should force developers to enable this feature on all games but they are too afraid they could potentially lose a few devs that back their hardware.

    • …yeah but the lag would really be bad I think, well I’ve only played Soul Reaver but its a good idea if the tech is much better.

      • I’d only play it at home with both devices being connected to the same wifi. It should be possible. They demoed it with a cable connection but said it would be possible through wireless technology without thousands of journalists jamming the frequencies with their mobile devices. I’m not holding my breath, though.

  8. I still maintain they need to open up the PSP back catalogue more. They’ve already made their money on the software. So lets see some decent PSP bargains to get the hardware rolling.

    How about a free £20 PSN voucher with a Vita? Or even a voucher for a free(Vita)game. That way, not only could it help shift the Vita’s but it may also make people buy a 16gb card rather than an 8gb to accomodate the games, potentially think ‘Ooo, I’ve got 10gb left, what else can I buy to fill that up with?

    Escape plan and MS-RC were well priced IMO but they need to get Wipeout etc under the £20 mark.

  9. I think the difference with the PSP is that it was released in September it was close to Christmas and if the Vita was out by Christmas then it might have done better.

  10. must say I love mine have been using it a lot lately will be dreadful if people fail to see the brilliance of the machine.

    • I don’t think it’s the brilliance of the machine that’s in question (it’s undeniably sweet) so much as the cost of the machine, peripherals and games, the software line up and memories of how poorly the 3rd parties supported the PSP. That’s certainly the impression I get when discussing it with friends. It’s a weird one it’s an awesome looking bit of kit, it’s just not floating boats at the moment.

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