“Battlefield: Bad Company 3” And “Mirror’s Edge 2” Leaked Via LinkedIn

LinkedIn continues to provide at least tentative news of still unannounced games with startling regularity. The latest: Battlefield: Bad Company 3 and Mirrors Edge 2, both from EA, both not officially announced.


And both presumably under development at DICE.

Gamerzines is reporting that one profile mentions his role included proving “video game prototype, design and demo feedback on various AAA titles” which included “Battlefield: Bad Company 3” and other unannounced titles.

Two more mention Mirrors Edge 2 – one providing “new gadgets and interactive features” into the game, and the other says he worked on “the wandering of crowd system within Unreal 3 engine.”

Neither is concrete information that said games are coming, of course.

Via GamerZines.



  1. Makes sense. Up to 18 months of DLC then BC3.

  2. The Mirrors Edge work was done “July and August 2009” – and ME2 existed then, but got binned, so, erm , dont get your hopes up.

  3. Bad Company 3 is pretty much a given, EA are just alternating MoH and BF to match COD.
    Pleased to hear about Mirrors Edge 2 though, really hope it runs at 60fps, that would be incredible for the free running!

  4. I reeeally hope they stay true to what made Mirror’s edge such a fresh experience. same with BC2. EA, don’t pull a BF3.

  5. BC3! about time, i hope they go back to the VIP pass that gets you all DLC for free like BC2, not going to happen but i can dream cant i!

  6. Pleeeease don’t have input lag BFBC3!!! If it plays as smoothly and input lag free as BFBC2 did then I will be a very happy man.

    “It only affected a tiny minority of people”
    “mines was fine, must be your TV”

    Oh F**k Off!!! Lol

  7. Loving the leaks…..

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