Capcom Working On Action Shooter Called “E.X. Troopers”

According to reports, Capcom is working on an action shooter by the name of E.X. Troopers, under production from Shintaro Kojima, producer of the Monster Hunter series.

Apparently the game looks like a “sci-fi Rival Schools” with anime style visuals and comic-book cut-scenes, and features some ties to the Lost Planet universe.


The game is featured in this week’s Famitsu (scans have appeared already) and although the title is planned for PS3 the fact that it’s due on that and the 3DS is a slightly odd choice of platforms.

If there’s an official online announcement we’ll update this post.



  1. Maybe the game will feature 3D output. In that case the choice of platforms would make sense… kind of…

  2. Seems a bit of a strange one.

    Capcom will no doubt be gunning for the online shooter crowd with LP3 whilst this will draw in the casuals. Surprised they haven’t already launched a slew of mobile/social games.

  3. Wonder if it has anything to do with the legendary ps1 brawler. Best SF ever…

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