Criterion Working On PS Vita Game, With PS3 “Interoperation”

It looks like whatever Criterion are currently working on (Need for Speed, most likely) it’ll also end up on the PS Vita.

A new job posting discovered today suggests that the role – of a Software Engineer – will be responsible for “optimising and tuning the game resource system for the PS VITA” and “interfacing the game engine with several parts of the VITA OS.”

Interestingly, the role also indicates some kind of cross-platform play. “Implementing interoperation between PS3 and the VITA” is also listed as a responsibility.

Via Superannuation.


  1. Burnout?
    Please be Burnout!

    I’ll take any Criterion racer though.

    • Werd!
      I loved Burnout Paradise.
      I hope they start bringing out ps3 games with vita compatability soon

    • I’m hoping for Burnout Crash, with cross compatible leaderboard challenges. That would be a great pick up and play game.

    • I’ve been hoping for a Vita Burnout since I got mine! Fingers X-ed!

  2. Burnout: Paradise port = Sold!

    • NO..

    • No. Why would you want a 5year old game?

      • Because it’s better than most released today?

      • Because it’s one of the best PS3 games I’ve ever played, there’s nothing else out there like it and even if it wasn’t a port, I’d still like something similar for the Vita.

  3. It will hopefully be a day and date release for their new game.

  4. I really pray that they’re not making another Need for Speed, huge waste of time. Should be a Burnout game either like the old games or Paradise. Either way they won’t be dull as the NFS franchise.

  5. Oooh.

    Love Criterion and Burnout. I thought they were only contracted to do one NFS game? Might’ve made that up.

    Please make another PROPER Burnout game after your ‘Crash!’ outing.

    • Agree, would want a proper Burnout, not that trash paradise city. A proper Burnout with real crash junctions.

      Crash would be better on Vita though, its one of the few games that works with a touch screen. I love the Iphone version.

  6. Also, would somebody enable Burnout Legends to work on Vita?
    My most played non-Football Manager Handheld PSP game.

    • Pretty sure any psp game can be used on Vita, but you have to download it through a PS3/Pc then transfer it instead of a direct download.

      • Nope some are still out of the loop, however compared to the US, most european PSN-PSP games are playable on a vita.

      • I haven’t checked since Day 1, but there were a few PSP games of mine I couldn’t transfer from my PS3.
        Burnout Legends was one, FMH 2011 was another. There was another one or two, can’t remember which though.

      • Ah, right. That’s a shame, although I’ve only got Vice city and Peace walker so shouldn’t be a problem, getting my Vita tomorrow!

      • Yeah, they work.
        I have Vice City, and Peace Walker is available from the Vita store.

  7. The best bit is that this probably means the Frostbite engine is coming to Vita. SSX, Need for Speed, Medal of Honor/Battlefield – all on the go :D

    • Why would it mean that? Do Criterion use Frostbite? I don’t think Hot Pursuit did, did it?

      • No, Need For Speed The Run used Frostbite though.

      • It hoguht Hot pursuit did? Sense Dice did work on the game too.

  8. A game that is just like Burnout 2, but with different tracks and cars and crash levels

  9. An new Burnout would be great, especially with transferable saves.

  10. Burnout crash would be perfect on the ps vita

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