HMV Selling Hitman: Sniper Challenge PS3 For £2

I was under the impression that Hitman: Sniper Challenge was a nice pre-order bonus for Hitman Absolution. It’s a neat little meta-game featuring just a single level and mission, but almost endless high-score potential.

HMV Picadilly Circus seem to think it’s a stand alone game and are flogging it for just £2, a bit of a bargain by anyone’s books.


A quick Google reveals just one other online retailer is also selling the game separately, for £9.99 but have the item marked ‘out of stock’.

Literally as cheap as chips.



  1. Saw that, bit weird. I’d be tempted to pick it up

    • The Sniper Challenge DLC is included in the price if you pre-order from Plus it’s cheaper there than at Amazon or HMV at only £36.95.

      From my experience pre-ordering from ShopTo, game ALWAYS come delivered the day before release. Since my oppo told me about ShopTo I’ve only made my game purchases from them. Plus they run a rewards scheme. Delivery is also Free First Class.

  2. Preorder from Amazon, they send you the code in a couple of mins, then cancel your order :)

    • Sneaky :) Given I am ordering mine from Blockbusters instore I may need to resort to this tactic.

    • cheers for the tip, just pre-ordered, took 2 mins, now cancelled!

    • You are a very naughty young man. See me after school.

      • story with this? just preordered there, got my autoconfirmation email, does another email come through shortly after? bold i know…

      • just did it there, i can confirm it works, sniper missions downloading now, nice one!

      • But Sir!
        I actually didn’t cancel my preorder but the option was there so I thought I’d save everyone £2!
        So… do I get a Merit badge instead??

    • Just done this, nice one – downloading now. Cheers =]

  3. i’d probably give it a try for a couple of quid.

    • Same here, was about to go to town anyway so I’ll update as to whether Northampton humvvv has it when back.

      • They are, which is odd as the challenges official site states clearly that it is only available as a “thank you to the fans” not as a purchasable product. Didn’t ask at the counter though (fat queue), so not sure whether the 2 quid constitutes a preorder deposit or if it is purely for the challenge.

      • my guess it was intended as a preorder thing, but either by mistake or deliberately they chose to sell it.
        hmv do these sampler dvds that have the first eps of a few show, they’re supposed to be given away when you buy any of the series featured, but they tend to sell them for a couple of quid a swell.
        this may be like what they’re doing here.

  4. Thanks for the Amazon tip, HMV have fixed the price now.

    • *Not HMV – The Propel Gamer link, sorry.

      • Propel still showing £9.99 for me?

  5. Perhaps nobody pre-ordered with that store and they just want to shift them. Funny though, free with cancelled pre-orders but not with actual purchases!

  6. ohhh, thats sly, im suprised they havnt closed the loop on that, like a “no refunds” polocy once the e-mail has been sent or something.

    • They can’t it’s a pre-order and the DSR permits refunds of the title, they can’t get around that. They’ll probably close the loop and the code will be emailed out in 2 weeks. In which case 2 quid from HMV isn’t to bad an offer.

  7. Has anyone got an Amazon code working yet, you have to redeem it at but I can’t get it….

    • Yup, just done it right now, ordered PS3 version, got code emailed straight away, went to registered and entered code… got the PSN code and its downloading just now :) Sweet!

      • And then cancelled order with Amazon. Double sweet.

      • Yes, got mine about 5 mins after you replied, it didn’t like me using Chrome, Firefox was fine though, didn’t try IE.

  8. In the past I’ve seen these HMV £1/£2 barcodes applying for the “Extended Game Warranty Cover thingy” and not the game itself

  9. not really relevant, but my local HMV was selling the alien anthology on Bluray for a tenner.
    bit of a bargain if you ask me, and timely with Prometheus a few weeks away.

    just thought i’d let people know while we’re on the subject of HMV.

    i didn’t see the Hitman thing though, though i only had a quick look at the games section.

  10. I was planning on pre-ordering and cancelling, just haven’t got round to it yet.

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