Major Canadian Developer Hiring For Next Gen?

LinkedIn really is becoming LeakedIn recently, with a Sony engineer mentioning PlayStation 4 and another page mentioning Battlefield: BC3 & Mirror’s Edge 2.

This time it’s not so much as a leak of any specific titles but a major Canadian development studio is hiring for a “project is based upon an existing IP that is a well known and respected action/adventure title, with elements of choice and stealth within the gameplay.”


Major Canadian developer that is based in Quebec could refer to Ubisoft or Eidos Interactive. If we go for game of choice and stealth then we could be looking at three major franchises. From Ubisoft that is Assassin’s Creed or Splinter Cell, and from Eidos Interactive that could be a Deus Ex title.

Now here’s where the job advert gets really interesting stating that, “future iterations of the franchise intend to really take advantage of the new platforms coming in the next two years to provide an experience with unparralled realism, depth and consequence for player action and choice.”

The only confirmed new platform out in the next two years is the Wii U. The advert specifically mentions platforms. Is this another clue that we can expect the next Xbox and PlayStation 4 by 2014 at the latest? And what franchise are you hoping that this advert is talking about?

Source: LinkedIn



  1. E3!

  2. sounds more like Splinter Cell to me.
    Assassin’s Creed doesn’t really feature an element of choice, i mean, you’re basically reliving one of Desmond’s ancestors memories, that doesn’t really allow for a branching storyline.

    i could see a new sequel of the Thief franchise.
    that could fit the criteria.

    or it could involve Bioware.
    though stealth has never been something they’ve really done before.

  3. Yeah, i’m thinking Splinter Cell although it could also be Deus Ex.

  4. Sounds like deus ex to me, which sounds good.

  5. Syphon filter

  6. Could it be that Thief 4 is being pushed back to next gen? Really hope not, but it could be Eidos as you say.

  7. I thought Deus Ex. When I here Canadian developer, I think Ubisoft, EA Sports, or Eidos.

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