“Smart As” For Vita Is Brain Training Done Sony Style

Odd, I saw something about this last E3, but had forgotten all about it. Anyway, Sony are now talking about it, and it seems like it’s going to be quite cool.


“Launching this fall, Smart As is a social brain-training experience that will put your brain to the test with 20 unique, engaging, tactile and highly interactive puzzle games,” says the US Blog. “This next-gen puzzle game will also enable you to share your stats with players from around the world using a robust set of social and connective features.”

Smart As is under development at XDev, and will take advantage of Vita’s touchscreens, camera and AR functionality, covering arithmetic, logic, language and observation-based puzzles.

Like in Nintendo’s Brain Training game on DS, Smart As will calculate your “overall Brain Power” and then you can go online to “see how smart you are compared to your friends, people that you’ve met through near, players in your city, country, continent and the entire world using the Smart As leaderboards.”



  1. Ha, I remember seeing this at the ‘NGP’ conference, I think? Looks smart! But really, why not stimulate your brain with a book or something more productive, and fun, than this?

    • Got to agree on this. People seem to love this kind of crap, it is entertaining for 10 minutes at times though..

      • If enough people “love this kind of crap” and it helps sell the hardware I’m all for it! In reality though I feel Dr Kawashimas had his day to a degree and if people want something like that they’ll get it in the ds but more games for the vita has got to be a good thing surely.

  2. Looks good.

  3. Man, they really should have saved this for E3, now what are they going to show for that system. (Apart from Welcome Park 2) :P

  4. Yeah, this was shown a while ago. Can’t believe i forgot about it tbh

  5. That actually looks pretty fun.

  6. Want this.

  7. Just to be different I just want to say that I don’t remember this AT ALL.

  8. Does anyone know the price? Also iv already got a Vita so encouragement to buy is already done for me. I love these type of games just coz its a bit different and I will uses any excuse to play a ‘game’

    • £29 on shopto like the look of this as well.

      • Will this even be retail though?

        Shopto listed lots of games what never made it to retail. Doesn’t seem like a retail release but then again Brain Training was :)

  9. I’ve actually been looking forward to this. Surprised its taken so long tho.

  10. Ill get this, obsess over its puzzles until i can complete everyone with a 100% result and then just keep playing it until im a genius.
    thats the only way i see i can actually complete this game (and i love a good challenge on a wide scale)

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