Two Vita Titles Cancelled As Cave Sticks With iOS

Cave, the developers of some of the world’s finest shoot-em-ups, have cancelled their two Vita games currently in production, according to a note in the latest Famitsu magazine.

Two titles were being developed – a shooter and a social game (said to be a version of Shirotsuku), which were being talked about last Tokyo Game Show. Little details were known about the games, although the social game was meant to use the Vita’s key features:

  • Check in with the game to get souvenirs and buildings exclusive to specific geographic areas.
  • Earn in-game coins based off how far you’ve traveled (in the real world, like on your commute). The cash can be used to have your townsfolk build a building for you for instance.
  • Connect to social networks and show off your castle town and trade souvenirs.

Cave are expected to continue their focus on iPhone and iPad titles.



  1. If Vita has even a mildly poor show at E3, my Vita console will be sold.

    • I don’t blame you!

      I’ve had a full refund for my console due to defects, and I don’t plan on buying one again unless Sony’s E3 is pretty spectacular.

    • I think it will be great.

  2. Knew the lack of sales would put smaller Devs off, I wonder how long it will be until the bigger ones decide it’s not worth it. Sony need a great showing at E3 to shift some consoles and get Devs interested again.

  3. Unless Sony pull their finger out, this will happen a lot more.

  4. Some positive Vita news really needs to come soon.

  5. You could say they “caved”…….I apologise.

  6. Stupid IOS machines… >:(

  7. I’m sticking by the Vita. The 3DS had similar issues in it’s first few months. I’m expecting E3 to be very good for Vita owners

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