Volition Working On Saints Row 4 For Current-Gen

Supererogatory’s at it again, this time discovering a LinkedIn profile that points to Saints Row 4.

The profile highlights two things. Firstly, this is for current gen (PS3, 360 and PC are mentioned) and it’s not the new Enter The Dominatrix expansion, because that’s listed separately.


Source: Supererogatory (twitter)



  1. Wow, with all the stuff about next gen now, this is strange, I guess they will still be releasing games on the current gen even after launch.

    • makes sense to release it on this gen’s machine, there won’t be a comparable userbase on next gen machines for a few years.

    • I know this article says the game is coming to current-gen, but I have my doubts about that assertion.

      In the listing it says:
      -Lead Prop & Weapon Artist, Saints Row 4 (Current)

      I don’t think that refers to the gaming coming to current-gen, I think that refers to the CURRENT project that he is currently employed working on.

      After all, for all points and purposes, this is the guy’s CV, so like anyone else posting a resume or CV, he is going to single out his currently employed work, from all this previous work.

      Of course that, that means SR4 is not coming to current-gen consoles … it very well may be, if the game shows up in 2013. Just that this LinkIn listing is not confirmation of that.

      Were I a betting man, I’d wager that SR4 is definitely coming to next-gen consoles. If it shows up in late 2013, or any time before late Q3 2014, then it will be on both current-gen, and next-gen consoles. If it shows up later than that, then it will probably be next-gen only.

  2. Looks like my hopes for next gen to wait until 2014 could come true.

  3. If it’s anything like SR3, i’ll be all over it. Great game that doesn’t forget what a game should be – Fun.

  4. Please be true. Saints Row 3 is one of my favourite games this gen due to just how fun it is.

  5. Yay! This is amazing news! :D

  6. Still reckon next Gen will drop, 2014/2015 with announcements next year at the latest…

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