First Screenshot And Cover For Forza Horizons

[drop2]Forza is getting a less sim-like sister later this year and that prospect is incredibly exciting for me. Forza has been my favourite racer of this generation, finding a fantastic balance between the intricate tuning options and near-perfect physics of Gran Turismo and the dirt-under-its-nails thrills of something like, say, a Need for Speed game.

Forza Horizons is going to be slightly more arcade-like so the cover shot for the game, with its bright yellow Viper and distant desert party scene appear well chosen. The first screenshot, just posted on Turn 10’s Forza Motorsport blog, still looks very much like traditional Forza games to me, even if they have chosen a racy pearlescent paint job.


Looks stunning, though. I assume this is output from the camera mode rather than actual in-race capture but it’s still very impressive for a console which is surely coming to the end of its life as the flagship for Microsoft’s gaming ambitions.

Source: Turn 10



  1. Is forza becoming yearly now?

  2. So if your a Forza nut will you have to buy both versions?

  3. Bland :/

  4. It feels so wrong that i like that new Viper soooo much, but it does look italian

    • Looks just like the old one imo

    • You’ve got a point there – definitely looking Ferrarish.

      • I think it looks very Maserati-like.

  5. Didin’t a new Forza come out a few months ago?

  6. The logo looks poor, but if the whole game has an 80’s presentation that would be super cool.

  7. Bodywork far too shiny for my liking…

  8. Looking forward to this. Not entirely sure what kind of racer it’s going to be. Open world racer would be amazing, especially with the physics from Forza 4.

    It will also be interested to see how Playground get on with this. With any luck it will turn out well.

  9. Take away the road and rough up the car, and it’s a possible cover for the first Motorstorm.

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