Games Media Awards Roll Around Again

The Games Media Awards have kicked off for 2012, with MCV running the full list of categories again. Hopefully you’ll remember that last year plucky old TSA were up for a nomination – for Best Website – but were cruelly defeated (presumably by some quantity) by Eurogamer.

That’s Eurogamer with dozens of full-time staff all sat in plush offices and covering every last thing in the industry. Us? Well, you know the score. It’s nice to be nominated, of course, but there should be some kind of handicap in place. Or at least some complimentary peanuts.


Anyway, here are the categories:

  • Games Magazine
  • Games Website
  • Specialist Writer – Print
  • Specialist Writer – Online
  • National Newspaper – Writer
  • Mainstream Magazine – Writer
  • Games Video
  • Games Radio and Podcast
  • Games Blog
  • Rising Star
  • Coverage by a Mainstream Website
  • Top Tweeter
  • Games Media Legend
  • Games Writer of the Year

We’re hoping for a nomination this year,naturally – if only for the recognition. Apparently a site or staff member needs only be nominated once, so we’ve edited this post to avoid you guys spamming the organisers in the thousands. Any positive vibes would still be hugely appreciated, of course.

But yeah, if nothing else, a couple of us get a trip to London.



  1. I think I speak for most of the TSA community when I say Tuff should be nominated for “Rising Star”. Some of his articles are things of legend ;P

    • P.s. best of luck as always guys.

    • Haha yeah like that’s going to happen.. “And the winner is.. Tuffcub, for his outstanding nob jokes!”



      Outstanding nob.



    • Can’t vote for Tuffcub. He doesn’t have a real name.

      • I do but im changing by deed poll to Tuffcub at some point.

      • What like a singular name like ‘madonna’ (for example) or as ‘Mr. Tuff Cub’?

      • Singular, if it’s good enough for Madge and Kylie it’s good enough for me.

  2. Hunting bearzes in Soho is *very* entertaining. For me anyways.

  3. I’d love an award but I have zero chance at any of those awards.

    It’d be nice to see the site nominated again though, I think the site definitely deserves a bit more recognition. I might even be able to attend the big drinking party this year, they are getting Grainger Games back with their glamour models, dwarves and condoms, right?

    • I’m not sure they’ve announced who it is as the sponsor this year. They did say there’s less sponsors though which is good, last year every award had a sponsor and it felt a bit weird.

      The drinking bit was alright, and I believe they fed us burgers. Those were alright, not great.

    • Apperently Grainger are bringing ladyboys, amputees and vibrators this year.

  4. Hey, do we literally just e-mail and say ‘I’d like to nominate TSA for x, y and z.’?

  5. I’m still waiting on a Gaming humanitarian award. TSA has that sown up with looking after TheLoneSteven.

    • Surely the hunmane thing to do would just be to put him down. :P

  6. Who needs a plush office anyway? I’m content with my living room.

  7. Well at least TSAs comments thread isnt just a massive flamewar over anything and everything. There should be an award for that

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