Kotick Accused Of Ordering West/Zampella Computer Hack

The Activision vs West/Zampella court case just keeps getting bigger and bigger. This time it is alleged that Bobby Kotick ordered the hacking into the personal computers of the ex Infinity Ward heads.

Court documents state that in 2009, before the release of Modern Warfare 2, Activision’s IT Director Thomas Fenady was allegedly ordered to observe and gain access to West & Zampella’s computer files and personal information.


The documents say that the order was given to Fenady by George Rose, Activision’s Chief Legal Officer, who is alleged to have said that order “comes from Bobby [Kotick] directly.”

However the operation, known as Icebreaker, was unsuccessful. Court documents state the Fenady tried a number of different ways to access the computers of both West & Zampella, including a fire drill to get them away from the computers.

A Facebook conversation also came to light where Fenady spoke to a personal friend saying, “Activision asked me to dig up dirt on Jason and Vince about 6 months prior to COD release, looking for excuses to dump them”.

Two days ago Activision paid $42 million to a ‘group representing former Infinity Ward heads Vince West and Jason Zampella.’

Source: Develop Online



  1. has this been proven to be true?

  2. They’re as bad as the UK’s media companies, crazy.

  3. Very unsavoury & underhand, but there are 2 sides to everything & I think people should be careful of pre-judging the whole case based on carefully selected documents/bits of evidence.

    If W&Z were starting to undermine their relationship with their employer, it’s no surprise their employer should react in some way, especially when there’s a billion dollar franchise at stake.

    • True, but hacking someone isn’t really the way to go about that is it?

      • As soon as you try to hack into an employee’s phone/email that all goes out the window. I don’t even need to hear the other side because this is just too far.

      • Not really, don’t all companies have the right to access employee’s work data on work’s equipment/servers?

        Where the dodgy ground would be is accessing employees private accounts, which you’d probably have the right to request be brought before a court after due process has taken place.

    • Its the fact they are going to that sort of length to incriminate them.

  4. It will be interesting to see how the US legal system deals with this subject of hacking, and how they deal with accusing people of ‘knowing about the hacking’, in comparison to what’s been done over hear about it.

    • To be honest, this part may simply be dismissed as it was apparently unsuccessful – People tend to get a bit wound up when personal information has been breached, but not so much if nothing happened.

      To be honest though, it doen’t sound as though they employed the most astute hackers to get the job done – Planning a fire drill to access their computers is not hacking, it’s fraping.

      • I guess yeah, they weren’t actually successful it seems, but it’s still a breach of rights to attempt it I would of thought.

      • but if they attempted it, and it could be proved, whether they were successful or not will become something of a moot point.

  5. It’s getting a whole lot more interesting now for sure.

  6. I hope W&Z don’t take the easy road and settle out of court.

    Take em to the cleaners!

  7. if true, that’s pretty frakking slimy.

  8. This is crazy, it’s like something out a spy movie!

  9. I see that Kotick may have been copying NOTW. :( Disgusting if true and could end up affecting their chances with the COD case.

    It does seem like the 42million was an attempt to make them forget about the hacking.

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