“PlayStation 4” LinkedIn Leak Was “Just A Typo”

Yesterday, at about 11 in the morning, we stumbled across a LinkedIn profile of an audio engineer working at SCEA. We don’t need to detail the methods, but suffice to say it’s basic Google-fu and hardly rocket science.

After a few emails back and forth, though, we decided not to run the story on the grounds that – if it really was a leak and the guy responsible got into some kind of bother – we didn’t really want the hassle or the guilt.


To some, that would just be laughable. To us, it wasn’t worth the risk.

Regardless, at around 5pm the profile became public knowledge, as someone else picked up on the page and it spread like wildfire, leading us to follow suit with a much simpler, shorter post than the one that was drafter earlier.

Today though, the situation is different again. Part of our internal thought process relayed the fact that the “PlayStation 4” bit was probably a typo, especially after it was next to “maintained” – past tense, you see?

Well, Frederick Umminger’s LinkedIn profile now echoes that. “Maintained voice chat library for PlayStation 3,” it now says, followed by “Calm down, it was just a typo.”

Whether that’s the truth or not is no longer in our court.



  1. TSA didn’t print the story just to avoid someone getting in trouble, unlike every other gaming site out there (CVG take notes).

    That’s why I like you guy’s.

    • Well, we did, but only after lots of other people did. Thankfully it looks like it all turned out OK.

      • Yes but you didn’t print it first and that’s what matters.

    • That’s why myself, and probably a lot more, like TSA.

  2. Voice chat library? wassatthen?

    • It’s the warehouse where they dumped all the requests for cross game chat! :)

  3. Ok.

  4. It wasn’t a typo….

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