SCEA Registers Domain for “Forsaken Souls”

Sony owns the rights to Demon’s Souls, From Software’s devilishly difficult fantasy game from 2009. That’s why the multiplatform Dark Souls saw a name change. So might this new registration for point to another exclusive game in that series, put out by Sony in North America? It could, but there are other possibilities.

The PS Vita has Soul Sacrifice in development but so far everything we’ve seen of that title has been Japanese. Perhaps Sony Computer Entertainment of America is planning on tweaking the title, as is often the case, for the western localisation?


Soul Sacrifice is the game many are hoping will sell the Vita to the Monster Hunter crowd. In it, you’ll play as a wizard who must sacrifice something in order to perform spells. That sacrifice starts small with inventory items used up for simple spells but the sacrifice grows with the complexity of the spell, some even see you using your own body parts

We don’t know, yet, what Forsaken Souls might turn out to be but domain registrations regularly turn up interesting sequels and upcoming announcements so it’s interesting to speculate. It could even be something completely new.

Source: Domain Reg via Superannuation



  1. As much as i’d love to see Sony make Demon Souls 2 I don’t believe it would be anywhere near as good as Dark Souls (my game of 2011) or Demon Souls.

  2. Dark Souls, Soul Sacrifice, Demon Souls, Pokemon Soul Silver, Bleach Soul Resurrection, Soul Reaver, Yakuza: Dead Souls, FolksSoul Soul soul soul SOUL.

    ENOUGH with the SOULS.

    • Good job Bethesda haven’t done a game with souls in the title or their legal team would be having a fit.

      • They’ll claim that it’s just ‘Scrolls’ misspelt.

      • lol nice one.

    • Don’t forget Soul Calibur :P

  3. I dont think it would be as good made by a US dev :/

    • It doesn’t say anywhere made by a US dev? SCEA normally publishes games that are made by SCEJ when they are released in the US.
      (Although I do like how now games like Uncharted say ‘Sony Computer Entertainment America presents’ over here, while I think (hope) likewise games like LBP are shown as being made be ‘Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’. Unlike in the past even crash was presented by SCEE. I just like it when the game’s original country/region is shown.

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