Table Top Tanks Out Next Week For PS Vita

Table Top Tanks, from Sheffield studio Devil’s Details, is released next week.

The game, which is an AR-only title (which uses the Vita’s back camera) will be around £1.50 and will come with seven trophies – 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze, which the developers say is a “total of 300 points” – with some DLC to follow.


We’ve not really seen much from the game since it was part of the E3 video last year, so it’s nice to see this finally coming out.

“The real fun comes making your own maps using the simple editor,” says the post on

“You pick a map size – small, medium or large – and then place virtual shapes around real world objects, so the Vita can ‘see’ the objects. You can also fill the shapes with water, smoke or fire and so that when they’re shot by a missile they’ll leak water, spill smoke or be set on fire.”



  1. Now Tuffcub can have tanks driving across the breasts of the woman sitting opposite him on the tube.

    • Woman? Tuffcub???

      • Yep – Frobisher told him to do it.

      • I think he may find this game too much for his next tube crush…..

  2. Cool.

  3. Yay! Just got my Vita this very second, will be looking forward to this. Great price too.

  4. I like the ‘virtual object’ feature, saw shells bouncing off a glass in original video and thought it was cool then, so making things leak or go on fire sounds even better!

  5. I saw a video of this during the build up to the Vitas launch and then completely forgot about it. Might have to pick this one up

    It does remind me of the alien autopsy one as well though. I wonder where thats gone?

  6. I like both the sound of this and the price.
    I’ll snap it up, if only as an excuse to keep my bedroom floor clear. :P

    • Yeah, looks like it could be fun.

  7. Can’t go wrong for £1.50, really. Will be nice to test out the AR stuff outside of Welcome Park too.

    • Plus the 3 free games we got too- Fireworks, Table Football and Cliff Diving.
      This news post has made me redownload them actually- I never tried them before.

      • I thought the Cliff Diving one was fun :)

      • Cliff diving was good and the fireworks one was good. The football one was too complicated to set up really and the range of the AR sucked. I just got frustrated with it.

        I’ve got an AR Card app so I always have the Vita cards with me as well

      • That’s a good idea.
        What’s the app? Is it free?
        I’d like it on the iPad or my phone.
        Probably the phone, the Ovi store likely won’t have it for my Nokia N8.

      • On android it’s called Vita AR Cards.

      • As B1ack_Magic said. It’s on the Android Market and it’s free. Not sure if it’s on the Apple store or not.

  8. Worth a punt for £1.50.

    Only questions is do you have to keep the vita perfectly still? Or does it map the area at the start of the game and allow for changes in perspective during?

    • I reckon you take a photo and use that as opposed to it live streaming the video as a playing area.

    • The actual price is going to be £1.19 according to an email I got today from PlayStation regarding PSN prices.

  9. looks pretty sweet,and 1.50 is nothing really :)

  10. Sounds like a wet dream for ten year old me. Screw Resistance, we’re talking virtual tanks causing havoc in the livingroom here!

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