Table Top Tanks Out Next Week For PS Vita

Table Top Tanks, from Sheffield studio Devil’s Details, is released next week.

The game, which is an AR-only title (which uses the Vita’s back camera) will be around £1.50 and will come with seven trophies – 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze, which the developers say is a “total of 300 points” – with some DLC to follow.


We’ve not really seen much from the game since it was part of the E3 video last year, so it’s nice to see this finally coming out.

“The real fun comes making your own maps using the simple editor,” says the post on

“You pick a map size – small, medium or large – and then place virtual shapes around real world objects, so the Vita can ‘see’ the objects. You can also fill the shapes with water, smoke or fire and so that when they’re shot by a missile they’ll leak water, spill smoke or be set on fire.”



  1. £1.50 and trophies, I’m in.

  2. nice price I’m in.

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