Tales of Graces F Gets EU Release Date, ‘Day One’ Edition

The release of ‘Tales Of’ games in Europe tends be sporadic at best, but Namco Bandai has confirmed that Tales of Graces F will be making its way to European shores.

That’s not all though, the publisher will also be releasing an ‘Exclusive Day One Edition’. This edition comes in a special folded box which includes the game, hardback artbook, original soundtrack and ‘Making Of’ videos. It also features a DLC card with a download code for Tales of Destiny 2 costumes and exclusive themes.


The PS3 port of the Japan-only Wii game is set for 31st August release date.

Source: Siliconera



  1. Hmmm… i might also buy the EU Special edition version too, so that’s 2 copies in total. :)

  2. cool.

  3. And now release Tales of Vesperia!

  4. Fantastic – and yes I want Vesperia tooooo!

  5. Eh…what is this?!

    • Not just me then, I haven’t heard of this at all.

  6. Thats some pretty cool extras, wish I’d waited for the EU release instead of importing the US release :(

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