Dust 514 Beta Registration Now Open

More beta news, this time with upcoming EVE Online tie-in shooter, Dust 514, offering access to itself like a saucy floozy in the red light district of Amsterdam.

Sort of.


Head on over to the Dust 514 page to register your interest – in the game that is, if you want access to saucy floozies you’re probably best sending Bunimomike a message.

Details of the beta will be announced at E3.

Source: Press Release



  1. Took a while, but i finally registered.

  2. A more direct link to beta registration is;

    • Thanks for the direct link, I’ve just put my name down too.

  3. thanks for the update, I’ve registered interest

  4. Just registered, now to hope I get chosen to be in the Beta =)

  5. I really hope this game is good. Iv signed up . hopefully will get a chance to play the beta.

  6. I’ve got 3 in. Really, really want to play this.

  7. So pumped for this!

  8. Submitted,.. High hopes for final release.

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