Kevin Butler Listed For PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Line-Up

The Internet Movie Database has leaked the line-up for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Line-up, with the cast list including confirmation that Kevin Butler, SCEA’s marketing machine, has made the cut.

Butler will be played, as he is normally, by Jerry Lambert.


He’ll be joined by Nathan Drake (voiced by Nolan North) and Solid Snake (voiced as usual by David Hayter) in what is now looking like being the absolute very best of Sony’s first and second party characters in a single game.

We’re still hopeful that the game will also appear on Vita.

Via GamerZines.

Update: I didn’t know this, but apparently IMDB can be edited by anyone, so this is all probably complete bollocks. Brilliant.



  1. This gonna be good.

  2. Good, but what about Kevin Butler?

  3. Whaaaaat? I want this so bad now!

  4. Erm, IMDB is just as easily editable as Wikipedia. Anyone could have put those listings there – I think they’ve all been there since the announcement.

    • AGreed, IMDB is bollocks, as is Kevin Butler appearing in the game.

      • Yep, it added gex earlier, which isn’t owned by Sony. (There are far more attractive 3rd-party propositions than that.)

      • Also, a voice doesn’t mean a character will be playable…

  5. Kevin “You don’t wanna believe everything you read on the internet…” Butler?!


  6. Kevin Butler?
    That’s a poor character for so many reasons, not least that hardly any of Sony’s target audience outside of the US would have heard of him!
    What next, SCEE introduce weird abstract shapes which are supposed to symbolise PS3 is awesome, go buy our product as a playable character?

  7. Kevin Butler can’t be in it, because he’s invincible! ;)

    • He could be the final boss or the best announcer ever.

  8. For a second I thought you meant that the whole line up was leaked. I was sorely disappointed when I clicked the link to IMDB… I’m not that interested in the characters that are currently confirmed. Kevin Butler is an interesting choice. It will be interesting to see how they implement the character. What moves or skills does the VP of everything have?

  9. I feel for you nofi, I didn’t know that IMDB was editable either until a few weeks ago.

  10. Kevin Butler Vs Jack Tretton

    • That should be the final level!
      I hope this comes out to Vita too, the Sly announcement gives me hope.

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