New Medal Of Honor Warfighter Trailer Is Not Here

Casting your eyes downwards will reveal an absence of trailers for Medal Of Honor Warfighter.

That’s because, for some utterly bizarre reason, EA have given it exclusively to


You can check out their massive video games coverage as well, count back to the fifteenth post to discover their review of FIFA 11.

Yes, 11, they don’t seem to cover video games much so why EA has given them the trailer is baffling, the 15th post on TSA was posted at 9.43am this morning, not two years ago.

Anyway, bafflement aside, if you want to go see the trailer click here, or just watch it at 8:30pm, during the half-time of the UEFA Champions League Final on Sky Sports 1.




  1. AskMen is part of IGN. Still, it seems weird to not have Warface Gunshooter on the main site, I suppose they want to spread their traffic around a bit.

    • I think it’s more that someone saw that there was a CoD trailer, someone at EA shat themselves and cobbled together some old footage quickly so they had something too.

      Then realised there was no gaming site that wouldn’t pick up on the fact that it’s all old, so they went with AskMen.

      Or not.

  2. They clearly gave it to them because they are the market leader in gaming news and opinion. HA, I don’t really think that, it’s money that EA want…

    • But really, is anyone actually excited for this? I, for one, am sick of modern, in fact any era, shooters. E3 can’t roll around soon enough…

      • I am. I personally thought the 2010 game was very good. Admittedly its going to innovate what we want from a shooter but it i’ll probably be a blast for however long it lasts for. I

    • Yeah probe’em aliens are better

  3. is the champions league now on sky too? or are they sharing it with itv?

    • Both Sky and ITV have coverage of the CL, and both are airing the final tomorrow.

  4. That was more of a teaser rather than a trailer, would of preferred there to have been a bit more about the story, setting etc.

  5. odd indeed

  6. That was a really terrible trailer. As stated its just rehashed stuff, and really not very good. Poor show EA.

    • Did it’s job of getting column inches though just as people’s attentions were turning to a BlOps trailers.
      EA will even be happy that I’ve just mentioned them both in the same sentence.
      Dammit! I’vve become part of the marketing machine :(

      • I’m sure EA are happy to have any exposure at all, especially if it helps detract attention from Blops2. Plus tomorrow’s footy match will be many people’s first view of the game, so from that perspective it’s a good move by EA.

  7. Biggest waste of time. Though it was quite interesting learning the special forces names of the countries around the world.

  8. So instead of giving it to a gaming site that is followed by gamers and are the market for EA, they give it to The same site that posted an article about how women should treat men or something like that. A site that probably doesn’t have many gamers.

    Did their marketing department get drunk and give the trailer away by spinning around in a circle and pointing at a site? Bet it has dubstep in the trailer.

    • Askmen gave We Dare 8/10

      nuff said

      • What is We Dare? O-o

        Wonder if they give decent games below 5s?

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