PS Vita Gets £85 Price Cut On 3G Version With Vodafone

Vodafone, if you buy it from their stores, have reduced the price of the 3G PS Vita from £279 to £194, a saving of £85, according to reports.

This is a considerable saving and anyone looking to pick up Sony’s new(ish) handheld might well be tempted, especially as – for now at least – it still comes with the brilliant future-racer WipEout 2048 once you activate the SIM card.


You do need to pick up £10 of data when you buy the Vita, mind, but apparently there’s also a 4GB card included. Some are speculating that this is indicative of an upcoming price cut.

Check with your local Vodafone store before heading out, and let us know how you get on.



  1. Holy crap. Tempted to buy a 3G one now…

  2. Goddammit! So much for loyalty to Sony for buying at launch (or close to)

    I feel robbed!

    • Same happened with the 3DS. And the Xbox 360, kinda.

      Don’t worry, mine ended up costing close to £600.

      • The Xbox 1 had a huge price cut a month after launch, with all early buyers getting 3 free games for their loyalty. Then the 3DS got free games for their early buyers too. If there’s a price cut so soon, I’d expect the same from Sony.

      • We can expect it, yes (and hopefully we will) but Sony have a horrible habit of letting us down

      • Well, McProley, the PSN hack brought a few good games for free. Sure, they were probably already owned by most of us, but they were still great games. I got Wipeout HD out of it, so that was certainly not a let down!

      • I never knew that Teflon, I’m hoping for a price-cut then – free games please! :D

  3. good deal.

  4. That is quite a bargain. Might be the first sign of a permanent price drop.

  5. AH! Oh, you scared me for a second! Got my 3G Vita yesterday from Amazon with Uncharted and a 4gb card for £225. For the standalone unit it’s £210, and you still have the option of getting Wipeout from Vodafone for free!

    • Shouldn’t it read £90 price drop? 280 – 190= 90.
      Also, on my Vita box it says a £5 top-up will get you Wipeout, so I assume the deal is different when you buy through Vodafone?

      • The wording cunningly places blame for this mathematical error firmly on the “reports” :P

  6. If it was £85 off the wifi version i would buy one today.

    Lets hope E3 brings a price drop.

    • I bet the odds of a price cut at E3 are very low.

      • Probably, knowing Sony.

      • Disagree. The device is floundering, 2nd wave of quality software is still months away. The games are too dear. Sony need to shift units. They’ll announce a price cut at E3.

  7. It’s a good deal, are these unlocked so I can stick a 3Sim in it? Voda is utter garbage, both on tariffs & shocking data coverage around here.

    Voda are obviously making enough off of topups to incentivise purchase in this way, can’t see the wifi model benefiting from anything similar, although if it did… a purchase would be a no-brainer!

    • Yes, Vita units are unlocked

      • If you have an iPhone handy, you can do what I did and get free internets from Orange for a year.

      • Teflon, do you have a link to that deal? I got my 3G vita yesterday and would rather not traverse into the depths of Vodafone hell…

  8. Was about to throw my toys out of the pram having bought one only two weeks ago! But I only paid £15 more so no big loss.

  9. Here comes the price cuts then. I feel very sorry for those picking it up on launch. Poor form I think.

    • Nah. I picked it up at launch myself with the knowledge that a price cut like the 3ds was probably inevitable. However I didn’t know how long it would take and also assumed that were Sony to do on in the near future they would remember their friends (ie early adopters) with some kind of hopefully generous ambassador package like ninty did. Still hoping. Should we lauch buyers get jack all come the price drop then yes, colour me miffed!

    • Don’t feel too bad. Anyone who buys consumer electronics and then is surprised or overly disappointed when the price drops or a slightly improved version comes out isn’t really cut out for life in the modern world. If like me you bought a Vita at launch, what is in our best interests is for the console to be successful so that lots of great games get to be made for it. So I hope they cut the price and lots of people get it.

  10. Good deal, all they need to do now is push it. I passed the Vodaphone shop at lunch time, no posters up at all.

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