Australian & New Zealand D3 Players Suffer High Ping Rates

You have to feel sorry for the gamers of Australia & New Zealand, especially Australia where some games, like Mortal Kombat, get banned due to a flawed ratings system. It seems the woes of those Down Under just keep getting worse, this time the culprit is Blizzard’s Diablo III.

On the official Diablo III forums Australian and New Zealand based players have complained of latency (ping) rates of over 1000ms, making Diablo III basically unplayable in some cases. Not just the multiplayer of Diablo III but all of it, including the single player portion. This has caused some outrage with some players wanting local servers to address the high ping issues, while others are calling for the implementation for the single player to be available offline.

Source: Diablo III Forum



  1. I just tried logging in (UK) and it says all servers are off line. So pure failure from blizzard really. I get that their trying to fix problems asap, but damn its back to work tomorrow! :(

    • Yep, down in Europe for “maintenance”. On a Sunday, mid-afternoon?! Fail.

      • Im probably the only one glad that it is down as I have some science revision to do! :P

  2. I’ve loved the 30 or so minutes that i’ve played (from a guest pass) and it’s looking like it could easily be in the top 3 games I’ve played this year just from that short bit, but the server problems are ridiculous. If you’re going to make a game that requires you to be connected to your servers at all times then you need to make those servers reliable. It’s appaling to have down time like they are having now in Europe at the worst time where not even the singleplayer can be played.

    Sort it out Blizzard.

    • I wonder how come they own World of Warcraft… and can’t manage this?

    • i completely agree and find this whole DRM crap a total joke! if ps4 or xbox720 go down this road i’ll be buying a wiiU.

      • They won’t.

      • won’t they?

        capcom already have games on the ps3 with always on drm.

  3. Simple solution is to make single player offline.

    How simple that is to implement I have no idea though. Even if it just needs an online verification at the start it would improve things.

    Having said that being a casual player I have managed to avoid most of the issues (logging in only took 10 minutes and a few attempts on release day, and since then have only had this afternoons down time to stop me, 11 and a half hours of play)

    • You’ve spent 10 bloody minutes just logging in?

    • They’ve coded the game so it can not be played without being connected to a server, so it’d actually be very difficult to implement. That’s why it hasn’t been cracked yet.

  4. I have Diablo 3 but the “single player lag” is terrible, they should have had a purely single player offline option from the beginning, even if it’s hidden and not the default option.
    I’ve been playing the Torchlight 2 beta this weekend instead and it’s much more stable! And it’s in beta!
    Looking forward to that more now than ever.
    That doesn’t mean I don’t want to play Diablo 3 too as I’m a huge fan and when online works its great but I like solo play too.
    It’s so frustrating that it feels broken half the time :S

    • Comparing Torchlight 2 beta to Diablo 3 is not really applicable. The Diablo 3 beta worked just fine, too, remember.

  5. Until there’s a non always on DRM version, they can stuff off in they think I’m buying it.

    • Why would you get it in the first place? Not like it’s a must-have title or anything.

      • Biggest PC release of the year, dude.

      • And… so? Go with the hype?

      • The hype is a result of it being so big, not the other way around. It’s a long-awaited sequel to a more-than-a-decade old purely PC franchise that defined a genre from one of the best known PC developers out there.

      • Not only that its a great game in its own right.

      • Considering it’s been in development for such a long time I kind of feel let down. The customizationoptions are just not there (everyone looks the same), the character classes are simple variations of the D2 classes and overall I get the feeling I’m playing an HD remake of D2 with new areas…
        I really don’t see what the fuzz is all about.

    • i’m with you yogdog.

  6. It’s pretty silly that servers are struggling even now, but I’m happy to forgive. It’s difficult to predict the kind of server requirements and it was always going to collapse on day one.

    Plus the game is brilliance incarnate.

    • No, this is unforgivable and people will remember. If you make the single player (the single! player) dependant on your servers working, than you’d better make sure it works flawless.

  7. More reasons to hate Activision Blizzard. They suck as a whole. No single player without a internet connection, pfft

    • But then again unlike EA their console games don’t have online passes…

  8. I’m awesomely peeved at how Blizzard have treated Diablo III and it’s users.

    First of all they clearly didn’t have enough dedicated servers at launch.
    Secondly they seem to have the bloody access up and down like a f**king yo-yo.
    Third most, as a whole, what the f**k are they playing at with online access only???? I mean, I knew it was online only, have done for ages. Now that I have (haven’t) access to the full game I’m infuriated constantly with either lag or log in issues.

    Even more than all of that combined , what pisses me off most is the fact that I was automatically assigned to The Americas as a region. I clocked up more than 20 hrs of game play and when I try to add friends bugger all happens. “Oh, why is that?” …. It’s because cross region play is blocked! Forcing me to switch regions, but wait….”Error 12 – there is no license attached to this account” ….ehhh, yes there is! Then I have to trawl the net for a solution and find out that I have to fanny about with my password settings on to allow myself access again.
    Now here’s the best bit!!
    Once I log in to the European servers I find out that my character is wiped along with said 20 hours gameplay, all because I can’t f**king save my character files locally!

    • Ridiculous, would hate the same thing to happen on Simcity 5. I think consumers should rise up to this or even be aware so that they know not to buy it.

  9. Wow, I really needed to get that off my chest…. apologies :D

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