EA & Activision Settle Disagreement

Electronic Arts and Activision have man-hugged and settled the legal wranglings alleging that EA had improperly recruited West & Zampella.

No further details on the settlement have been revealed but the companies released a joint statement that they “have agreed to put this matter behind them.”


Recently Activision paid out $42 million to ex Infinity Ward employees so they now only have the legal wrangle between themselves and West & Zampella to focus on.

Source: Associated Press



  1. Awwwwww…I knew they’d get through it.

  2. Good now they can get back to making BF 8 and COD 22

  3. Or Battle of duty 4 in EA’s case.

  4. So, no Call of Jury then..

    • Was hoping for the spinoff ‘Call of witness’…ah well.

  5. I suspect that neither side wanted to risk having a court case that could take years to resolve and cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

    Does this mean that the next COD will be called Call of Battle honour Black ops modern warfish 1? Seeing as they are getting along now.

  6. The next FPS they make will just made up of people hugging

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