Medal Of Honor’s World TV Premier

As the first person shooter genre gets progressively more homogenised every winter, so too do the trailers, with the one above – for EA’s upcoming Medal Of Honor Warfighter – looking like it’s doing nothing to differentiate itself from the crowd.


Of course, it’s a wildly popular crowd to be in, but this annual cycle of Activision’s behemoth versus whatever EA and Frostbite can roll out has got to end at some point with a clear victor, right?

We’ll be back to look into this recent phenomenon in more detail soon, but for now, you’re here, so why not watch the video above that – to me at least – seems quite similar to the last Warfighter trailer. Presumably in an effort to be talked about in the same breath as Call of Duty.



  1. Well we all moan that they’re boring yet we all still buy them. This does look extremely generic but I’m sure it’ll still be good fun and sell well and I’m pretty sure I’ll probably get around to buying it at some point.
    Looks good for what it is, even if what it is has been done countless times. You see the thing is I like a good shooter, but I get bored of any given game after a couple of months so a steady stream of AAA shooters is just what I need.

  2. i thought the warfighter thing was ghost recon.

    so the genericisation continues.

    rough guide to fps.
    something of something: generic macho word or phrase.
    medal of fire: hard bastards.
    call of battle: iron bullets.
    field of fire: duuuuuuuuude

    there’s an endless list off possibilities

    • Why come on to an article that clearly doesn’t interest you just to make a ridiculous comment? :/

      • it was supposed to be funny.

        i know i fail at that quite often, but i didn’t expect anybody to get that upset over it.

        hey, if you like those games, continue liking them, my joking about them shouldn’t affect your enjoyment.

        but anyway, if i’ve spoiled the game for you in some way by making a joke out of it, i apologise.

      • To be honest, I pissed myself laughing at ‘Field of Fire: duuuuuuuuude’, frigging hilarious! For me personally, anyway :D

      • Duuuuuuude lol

    • I love shooters and i thought your comment was quite funny. Medal of fire: hard bastards, thats such a class name for big action flick, i could see Dolph Lundgren in it! :)

  3. How do you make a fps war game that isnt generic now? The water has been tested so many times it has become diluted to what we get today. Only generic because we have forced them to develop it that way over the years.

    Anyhoo…. i think the trailer sells the game a million times more than the Blops 2 one does, somehow I think Blops 2 will sell more despite it looking like a graphical interpretation of my ass!

  4. EA, if you want to sell a game, don’t make it look very generic when you market it as this is very generic and i reckon if Peter edited out the MOH logos, we wouldn’t be to tell what game it is and what franchise it is from.

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