WeView Verdict: Uncharted: Golden Abyss

I’ll be honest here, I would have been very surprised if Golden Abyss had caused a real split of opinion. The love for Uncharted from the TSA community has always been evident, and the series has certainly done more than enough to earn that appreciation. It would seem that Golden Abyss has managed to keep the adoration going, the values of the series surviving the transition to a new developer in the form of Bend.

bigbaldwolf was amongst the first to chip in with their thoughts on the game, calling Drake’s pocket outing “a showcase of what the Vita can do,” something that the Vita is in particular need of with its varied control schemes. The praise continued, as he went on to say that the “controls, voice acting and presentation are all fantastic” before proclaiming it as a “definite must buy for any Vita owner.”

[drop]Whilst there was a lot of love for the game, many of you admitted a certain amount of nervousness as to how the game would feel on a portable system. JohnnyBoy was amongst these initial doubters, saying he was “a bit apprehensive when buying this as I love the UC series and wasn’t sure it would translate well to the smaller screen.” However, things quickly resolved themselves, as he became hooked as soon as he started playing.

He concluded on a very positive note, and one that’s really worth considering:

If this shows what the Vita can do in it’s first week of release, imagine what the games will be like when the developers have really got to grips with it?

That’s a great point, even if it does seem like we’re still waiting for the next chunk of Vita games that will blow us away all over again.

Regular WeView contributor Origami Killer was a bit of a party pooper this week, killing the seemingly endless Uncharted love fest. “I felt quite disappointed by Golden Abyss,” he began, before noting that although it’s “easily the best looking Vita game” he found “a few bland facial animations and block textures in the background”. On the matter of the all important story, he found it “witty, charming and Uncharted-esque” but felt that “it begins to drag in the later stages [of] the game.”

Given the mixture of positive and negative outlook on the game, it seems that Origami Killer was more disappointed that the it didn’t quite live up to the Uncharted series’ own high standards, rather than being inherently bad. This is something he notes himself at the end of his opinion, saying that despite its flaws he “really enjoyed the game. No where near as much as the PS3 Uncharteds but there was enough action, witty lines from Nate and nice storytelling to get me to the end.”

[drop2]What I found quite interesting, although ultimately inevitable, were the comparisons to the PS3 titles in the series. cam_manutd found that the game bares “the most similarity to Nate’s first outing,” with a “deep focus on exploration and treasure looting instead of the hordes of mercenaries incoming.” LTG Davey agreed with his assessment, saying that if you “prefer the original there is a lot to like here”, whilst fans of Uncharted 3’s “focus on set-piece moments and stellar voice acting… may come away from this Vita offering a little disappointed.”

Normally when I select a comment to sum up the community’s response to a game, it doesn’t come from a comment that is itself a summation. This week Kennykazey bucked that trend, with a comment that summed the game up neatly in a series of bullet points, before coming to this rather accurate conclusion:

Although Golden Abyss feels much more gimmicky than the PS3 games, it’s a solid adventure that is unmistakably Uncharted.

On a handheld!

With Golden Abyss I’m not sure there was really any doubt what the community verdict of the game would be. Whilst twenty-three of you took part this week, Rent It, Bargain Bin It and Avoid It only managed to pick up one vote each. That means the winner by a mile is Buy It, with twenty of you selecting that option.

Guess that means I need to get my hands on a Vita then.



  1. Need to get my hands on a Vita, dying to play Golden Abyss.

  2. Thanks for the mention :) Good to see such a positive response to Uncharted on the Vita.

  3. Thought i’d just put my avatar in this artical after nicking it from your site hehehe.

  4. I’ve been trying to nab a copy on eBay the last few days, I think I’ll try harder having read this, thanks.

  5. Just because of the lower expectations and the awesome game-play (intu-aim thingy) and the fact that I managed to succeed on the first try with the horrendous boss-fights. This is my favourite uncharted.

    The game also feels a lot more old-skool with regards to collectables and the like, it really is an ‘adventure’ game with a lot of replay value. The annoying balance-beam bits and the random paper puzzles coupled with the sub-native res were the only downsides for me.

  6. I’ve only just bought a Vita a couple of weeks ago and Golden Abyss was the first game I got (being a big fan of the PS3 series) and my first impressions were very good. I’m nearing the end of my first playthrough now and am thoroughly enjoying it. It continues to impress me with the awsome visuals and voice acting. The gameplay is as good as ever and with the addition of the new Vita features it is even more fun at times (I particularly loved the bit where you have to hold the document – your Vita – up to the light to read it). The story isn’t the strongest but is still a good insight into more of Drake’s background and overall it is a brilliant addition to the series. Can’t wait for more Vita games of the quality to arrive.

  7. Got it with my Vita last week, and after the initial trouble, fiddling about with the different analog sticks, it’s a great game, easily the best launch title I’ve ever played.

  8. Not sure but there’s a new bundle coming out, wifi model with 4gb memory card and this for 249 euros, any idea how much that will be in £? and if that’s any savings? tempted to buy a vita! birthday coming up!

  9. Thanks for the mention, it was quite a long vewiew from me :P Deserved verdict though.

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