DmC Pushed Back To 2013

Ninja Theory’s reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise, DmC, will be arriving on PS3 and 360 on 15th January 2013, Capcom has announced.

The developer had previously hinted at a late 2012 release, however, it appears as though this is no longer the case.


In keeping with Capcom’s usual approach to the PC, the publisher has revealed that although a version is in development for the platform, it won’t release until later in 2013.

Additionally, more info about Dante’s sidekick, Kat, has been revealed. A medium and gifted psychic who can see into the demon realm, Kat is a runaway that joined an organisation called ‘The Order’ in her early life.

Kat is The Order’s ‘eyes and ears’ and is tasked with guiding Dante on his mission through Limbo. She has devoted her life to the Leader of The Order and often puts herself in grave danger to gather intelligence from Limbo.

Source: Press Release



  1. YES! Sorry, it’s just that i harbour a very strong hate of this reboot/sequel/prequel/alternate universe/not Dante and want it to get cancelled. #Fanboy

    If a tacked on MP is added to this between now and next year, DMC will offically be dead to me. Why couldn’t they make a sequel to DMC 4 as Nero was interesting and i believe could replace Dante as the main character.

    If they go all twilight on us, i will not be held responisible for any actions that may happen. ;)

    • I feel the same way about MGS rising.

  2. Normal sized breasts in a Ninja Theory game?! *faints*

    • you’re thinking of Team Ninja surely.
      Ninja Theory are the studio that made Heavenly Sword.
      it’s Team Ninja that make all the big breast games.
      like DOA and Ninja Gaiden.

    • Well its artisic I guess.

  3. haven’t i read this story before?

    i’m getting major deja vu. ^_^

  4. all the images are legs or tits…….

  5. nice legs

  6. I’m no big fan of Dmc but i’m not sure why they didn’t create a new Ip,or reinvent the long lost Onismusha if they really had to put a name to it.
    Ninja Theory imo deserved a little more faith from Capcom here.

  7. So MGSU, Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, Aliens Colonial Marines, probably GTAV and now this. Is there any big games left to be released in 2012?!

    (OK, there’s still Resident Evil 6 and Hitman Absolution, but that’s pretty much it now)

    • You forgot the South Park RPG game! That was delayed as well.

      Darksiders 2, Borderlands 2, Black Ops 2 (that’s a lot of 2’s), Assassins’s Creed 3, Far Cry 3, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Sleeping Dogs, and Dishonored are all still scheduled to release this year.

      Not that I want any of these games to be delayed, with the exception of Black Ops 2, but my money is still on Dishonored being pushed back.

  8. OK then…I’ll keep my HD collection….

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