From Dust Now Terraforming In a Chrome Browser

Look, I’m not the most technologically gifted member of the TSA staff. I know it and you know it. So, I might seem like a bit of a luddite here but I find plenty of the Google Chrome apps amazing. I don’t just mean that I get very impressed either. I mean amazing, like I suspect there’s magic involved somehow.

The latest thing to have me checking behind the lid of my laptop for portals to the netherworld is From Dust, Ubisoft’s really rather decent god game. It’s available now to play from within Google Chrome. There’s a free trial available before you have to pay €9.99 to unlock the full game and it takes a little time to install the first time you try it but after that it’s nippy enough.


Unlike OnLive’s streaming video of a game you’re playing hundreds of miles away (which is kind of magical too, I think), it still uses the power of your machine. So if you’re on an older computer, it might chug a little bit.

Pretty impressive considering that some people still use an old Internet Explorer browser that doesn’t even run websites made after 1998.

Source: Chrome Store


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  1. Lovely stuff, fella. I tried out Tiger Woods online golf (as oppose to a console version) and it was pretty damned decent. Didn’t have me parting with my money but I can see this only improving as the years roll by.

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