PlanetSide 2 Does Ride Of The Valkyries

Sony Online Entertainment has launched another in-game video for upcoming MMOFPS sequel, PlanetSide 2, this time focusing on aerial combat. With clips from a third person perspective and via the cockpit (player view) the newest trailer may be short on epic dog fights, instead focusing on air-to-ground bombing raids which, by all accounts, look to be pretty devastating.


PlanetSide 2 is by far one the year’s most ambitious games. Combining elements from both the FPS and MMORPG genres, the game pits three factions against one another on the planet Auraxis. As a persistent world title, everything a player does will contribute towards the overall war effort; the struggle for territory and resources is a campaign that will 24/7, ranging from surprise ambushes on small enemy outposts to planned sieges. With the ability to house hundreds of players at one time, battles can literally go on for days.

Another interesting tid bit is how players will develop their own soldier. Instead of assigning points to attributes as you would in normal MMOs, you allocate and develop skills that apply to your particular playstyle. Not so good at ground combat? Fair enough, you can pour all of your resources into becoming one of PlanetSide’s elite pilot division. The choice is yours.

A solid release has yet to be confirmed by SOE, though we’re hoping for more news during E3.



  1. I’m kind of interested in this. Saw a little gameplay footage and it looks really nice.

  2. ironic choice of music there seeing as the game, from what i’ve seen, doesn’t feature any women.

    the scale of the game is pretty impressive though, apart from that one detail.


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