Sony Files Patent For Game-Interrupting Soda Adverts

You know when you wake up and you’re half asleep and you see a story and think ‘no, that’s ridiculous’ and ignore it? And then it’s still there an hour later? Yeah, so this is one of those stories. Are you ready?

A few months ago Sony filed a patent application to allow their systems to stop play and show you adverts. In the middle of playing. By stopping it. It’s an application, so hopefully it won’t be granted and even if it is it doesn’t mean that they’ll ever use it. They won’t. Ever.


Right? I mean, I’ll drink Mtn Dew until the cows come home, but stop my run on Tony Hawk HD to show me an advert for that fizzy green toxic juice and I’ll be throwing my console through the nearest window.

It talks about slowing down the game, showing a flashing light, pausing it and then running the advert before rewinding the game back a bit and then kicking off again. It’s like all my nightmares in one application.

This won’t happen. It can’t happen. If this is Sony’s big E3 thing they can stick their Play B3yond well b3yond where the sun doesn’t shine. Oh well, at least it wasn’t Microsoft, but then they’ve got more than enough ads going on.

Unless… Oh, no, it couldn’t be.

Read the application. It’ll make your skin crawl. I’m going back to sleep.

Thanks, GAF.



  1. I always wanted to watch a lot of ads in the middle of a game, it’s not like i want to play my games without an advert playing. *sarcasm*

    Sony, this is the worst idea ever. Do this and you will lose a ton of customers as getting to the final part only to have a shampoo ad play will be annoying.

    So, we may have a choice between adverts on the dashboard on the 360 or ads that interrupt the game and could cause you to die. It seems that PC is starting to be my choice for the next gen.

    • Have you been to Steam? “News and updates” thingy? Not much different.

      • The Steam “News and Update” window thing can be turned off in the settings, it only pops up when you open steam and it shows the steam sales and pre-orders. Not soda adverts or whatever

  2. i am convinced Sony only snatched up that patent to protect games from Microsoft getting it first.

    • I really hope you’re right, and that it’s never going to be used EVER!

  3. Im sure they’re just getting a patent on it so when Microsoft inevitably implement this, Sony can sue them and order an injunction against sale of the Kevin.

    • i thought they were gonna call it bob?

      or was it just me that wanted to call it bob? o_O

      • I thought Terry was the widely accepted name!

        I would say to just combine the three & make it a KevinTerryBob, but that just sounds like a bad haircut.

  4. oh dear,this is just awful! Interupting a game at a crucial part would ruin the whole game!

  5. NO.

  6. Don’t like the sound of this one bit, could it be that non PS+’ers must endure adverts? Stopping a game mid-way it just plain stupid.
    Sony’s new tag line: It only does adverts.

  7. Of course this could be nothing to do with PlayStation and you’re all getting would up about nothing.

    Yes, that would be it.

  8. Maybe its something to do with the free2play model?
    in between levels or missions you get an ad… i could live with that if it was restricted to like 1 ad every couple of hours.

  9. this is just 1 of many that get done but never get used doubt anything will come of it.

  10. That’s an absolutely horrible idea.

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