Sony Files Patent For Game-Interrupting Soda Adverts

You know when you wake up and you’re half asleep and you see a story and think ‘no, that’s ridiculous’ and ignore it? And then it’s still there an hour later? Yeah, so this is one of those stories. Are you ready?

A few months ago Sony filed a patent application to allow their systems to stop play and show you adverts. In the middle of playing. By stopping it. It’s an application, so hopefully it won’t be granted and even if it is it doesn’t mean that they’ll ever use it. They won’t. Ever.


Right? I mean, I’ll drink Mtn Dew until the cows come home, but stop my run on Tony Hawk HD to show me an advert for that fizzy green toxic juice and I’ll be throwing my console through the nearest window.

It talks about slowing down the game, showing a flashing light, pausing it and then running the advert before rewinding the game back a bit and then kicking off again. It’s like all my nightmares in one application.

This won’t happen. It can’t happen. If this is Sony’s big E3 thing they can stick their Play B3yond well b3yond where the sun doesn’t shine. Oh well, at least it wasn’t Microsoft, but then they’ve got more than enough ads going on.

Unless… Oh, no, it couldn’t be.

Read the application. It’ll make your skin crawl. I’m going back to sleep.

Thanks, GAF.



  1. Ads ruin and take you out of the game experience, and they have infested themselves in enough places as it is. Even if they try to subsidize a game cost using this rather than buying it, it still shouldn’t be done, it’s excessive :l

  2. I refuse to accept any ads poping up in game in any way, you can place a can of coke on the bar subtly as an ad but pop one over the enrie screen saying how great it is and il have to stop gaming/buying cans of coke

  3. Well this would certainly push a lot of people towards piracy and hacking! Think about it who would pay for the privilege of watching adverts!

  4. now i don’t mind ads too much in a free service.
    but to have them interrupt your game like this?
    that would be too far.

    i can’t see them doing this, i couldn’t even see ms doing this.
    any comapny that did this would be absolutely crucified.

  5. maybe they want the patent so no one else can do use it? and keep it out forever?

  6. Whoever came up with the idea for that application should be shot and buried in a remote area. :P

  7. Can’t say I’m a great fan of this idea but I guess it’s the future for our industry.

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