Zone Of The Enders HD Screenshots Are Super Pretty

Konami’s holding a press event for the HD remake of Zone Of The Enders, but the below screens were actually released by HMV Japan, via NeoGAF.

Have to say, they look gorgeous.


The double pack is to be released at some point next year for Vita, PS3 and 360, complete with new art, Trophies, better audio and – as you can – a much higher resolution.



  1. I’ve never actually played a ZOE game, is that bad? Either way, I’m quite looking forward to picking this up.

    • I’ve never played on either, and I’m not even sure what type of game it is. Looks like a brawler from those shots.
      But I know that would look good on my Vita.

      • It’s kind of like a hack and slash game.

  2. This looks amazing and would look awesome the Vita.

  3. Never played it but it’s Kojima & it’s on vita I will sure get it.

    They have Hmv in Japan wow

  4. You have all missed out on two very good Mecha games. I have both of them and the second one is really good.

    • Prefered the first to the second me self but you’re absolutely right about them both being very good. Looking forward to revisiting this.

  5. The 2nd Runner is the definition of ‘cult classic’ and in my opinion is the best looking game ever. I cannot wait for this collection!

  6. I only ever played the first ZOE, and seem to remember enjoying it. Missed the 2nd completely, could be very tempted to give this a try.

  7. This is going on the ‘to buy list’ deffo ;)

  8. I loved ZOE, can’t wait to play these again :)

  9. Day one.

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