E3 2012: New “Tomb Raider” Teaser Shows Off Some Lovely Visuals

Looks like it’s almost crazy season – teasers of trailers? Yep, it’s E3 soon.

This one’s for Tomb Raider – the game that I sat through a huge gameplay demo of last year and rightly assumed we’d be playing it by now. Still, it’s looking ridiculously good, even from these twenty short seconds.



The ‘full’ trailer’s due in a few days.



  1. Tomb Raider does Uncharted doing Tomb Raider.
    The world just ate itself.

    Love a good Tomb Raider, for me the emphasis on puzzles rather than fighting off endlessly repeating waves of enemies every 1.67 yards, where every corner you go around opens up in a lovingly crafted arena/shooting gallery.

    Been a while since a great Tomb Raider though, but got very high hopes for this.

  2. Yeah Tomb Raider was the very first game i bought for the PS1 and since then I have loved the series, though i found the last few entries were not as good as the first one.

    I have high hopes for this one too, i hope it brings back what made the first Tomb Raider so special, the exploration and puzzles.

  3. For all the wow that Uncharted has brought, the jumping and climbing is still a little ‘rigid’. Lara was always quite acrobatic and it always felt like you had a little more freedom to explore. I hope they haven’t been influenced by Uncharted TOO much but i’m really looking forward to this regardless!

  4. Looks awesome, can’t wait for the trailer.

  5. Looks great but seems like they are out of ideas and borrowing heavily from Uncharted’s gameplay.

    • Hardly, seeing as Tomb Raider set the trend on last gen consoles before Uncharted was even thought up!

      • True but it does seem that TR seems to be going for the UC type set peices. I’ve not played a TR game in years so i can’t really tell if TR did set pieces before UC was born.

      • I agree with Lone Steven.

      • Very true, with your mention about the set pieces. I was just referring to the original post reference to gameplay rather than the filmed scenes or set pieces in between gameplay….doesn’t really matter anyway as we all want the same end result….awesome games ;)

  6. with the added bonus of digital boobies!

  7. Looks fantastic to me, I am looking forward to seeing the full trailer.

  8. Looking ace, I think this’ll be one of Lara’s finest outings to date. Really looking forward to this game…..some year!

  9. It seems that Tomb Raider has taken a leaf out of UC’s book. Hopefully, it won’t end up as a UC clone as i believe Uncharted could do with some compition as i don’t think there is a game atm that gives it a run for it’s cash in the same genre. imo.

    Looks good and could be the game that revives the TR franchise as the past few(PS2 onwards?) games are said to be rubbish.

  10. i’ve always been a fan of the tomb raider series, well since it started anyway.

    despite the disappointing last few games i’m still looking forward to this one.

    i just hope they haven’t just turned it into a shoot em up with platforming elements.

    because in my opinion, the shooting has always been the least important part of the games

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